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Well its winter break from school but theres one problem on Christmas eve and Christmas day we were with the kids and my brother and his wife, his wife has strep throat and david my nephew has croope! And diania has gotten everyone in their house sick somehow in all different ways, well christmas day we went down my grandmas house and my other grandma went too...well yesterday I woke up with a soar throat and my head is soo congested it feels like it weighs soo much!!! Every 2 minutes I keep blowing my nose, I hate it, I hate being sick, yet I dont know what it is if its my sinuses or what but my other grandma also has the same thing as me with sneezing, runny nose, soar throat, a little cough, ect! This sux all I wanna do is lay in bed, and I got subway for dinner and the guy couldnt understand me and I ended up with tomatoes and unions and stuff on my sandwhich I was bout to tell him to take that sandwhich and do something bad with it but instead I just picked all the stuff off and it was soo nasty subway is a no way for me anymore I think imma make some soup tho later...I want some chicken broth thats the best with a soar throat but the soar throat is an on off again thing today..yesterday it wouldnt go away!! Awe man I have school work to make up and yet I got sick and I am tired of looking at the computer last nite me and the kitties cuddled and watched movies !!! I hope this goes buy fast whatever it is !