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Another one on the sick bandwagon

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Oy I was doing so well! I woke up tonight and now my head is killing me, my sinuses are blocked up like crazy, I'm coughing and everything is starting to ache.... and my face feels like its on fire.

And I know who gave it to me too. BF went to NY for a week and came back sick.... nice of him to give me a welcome home present

Who wants to go to the drug store for me?
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Sending get well soon vibes!!!
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According to the CDC we are totally getting into flu season now, esp in the south: http://www.cdc.gov/flu/weekly/usmap.htm Note that's from a week and a half ago, and it's undoubtedly spread. I'm so glad I got a flu shot!

Please feel better soon! Sleep, drink water, and watch bad tv!
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I hope you start to feel better soon............damn this sicko bandwagon!
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hope u feel better, I know I wish I did, I got sick too and yet I dont know who the culprit is I feel like crap and my head feels like it weighs aton and my sinuses are already bad and man I am sneezing and blowing my nose every 2 minutes, I think I should just have a kleenex box attached to my side !!! Hope u feel better soon!
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I hope you all feel better soon. I am finally getting over my illness. I felt like it would never end. I started getting sick Thursday at work and Friday they sent me home because I was so ill. I just slept and slept. Sat I dragged myself into work and when another manager got there I slept on the desk basically until my shift was over, and Sunday I suffered through 12 hours of work just wanting to go home and go to bed. Monday (Christmas day), I went to the inlaws and suffered again then went to a friends house for a while then went home to bed. Tues I just slept I gave up trying to clean the house, it was a fruitless effort.
But today I feel ALOT better so I am thinking that I am finally kicking the death sickness that had a strangle hold on me. I still cough like my lungs are coming apart, but at least I can function.
To everyone who's sick, feel better fast vibes for all of you and lots of
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I'm not sure what I had, but I was in really bad shape for three days, and sick enough to stay home from work for one week. Now I feel fine but am still congested and coughing. It came on reeeaaallly slowly and seems to be going away in the same fashion. I got a sinus infection on top of it (as I usually do when I catch a cold or the flu)

I already made a few coworkers sick and my husband and mother. I guess I shouldn't laugh... heh.

I don't recall ever taking so much cough and cold medicine in my life! It was pretty awful... so I feel for all of you!
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