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San Jose kitty situation

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I found this on another site out there and couldn't find a good place for it here, but knew it needed to be here somewhere. Sorry if it's been posted already, I didn't see it when I scanned for it....

Dear Best Friends Members,
For years, the Magills have lived close to a park in Los Gatos that was a convenient dumping ground for unwanted cats.For years, Doug Magill and his wife have helped the cats abandoned near their home by providing them with medical care, food, shelter and love.

But now the Magills are the ones who need help.

As the couple has grown older, it has become harder for them to care for the 42 felines who live inside their home or outside on their property. Recently, someone called San Jose Animal Control to complain.

The officer who came out to visit the Magills could see that they were trying their best with the cats, who appeared to be healthy and friendly. He didn't want to confiscate the cats and take them to the shelter, so he agreed to work with the Magills as long as they continued trying to find other homes for the cats.

The Magills have managed to find homes for a few of the cats on their own, but they both have health problems that make it difficult to spend much time posting flyers or attending adoption events.
You can help them by spreading the word about these cats, many of whom are Siamese mixes. Please forward this email to anyone you know who might be able to assist the Magills in finding homes for their rescued cats. If you need more information or would like to adopt a cat yourself, please contact Doug Magill directly: 408-356-1602 or at dbmac@msn.com
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Goon on you for helping out!! I live in Mountain View (so close to Los Gatos), and I know if these cats went to San Jose Animal Control they would most probably be euthanised - they very much have an overpopulation problem.

Is there any way you can get some photos of the kitties? I can put a notice up at work (there's about 7000 people at my work, so a lot of people would see it), but people are more responsive if they can see a couple of photos.
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That's a sin.....however 42 cats would be heck to clean up after....or even care for or play with.....how do you divide your time up between 42 cats? I have a tough time giving = to 2! Good for you both for trying to help those people and their kitties!
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Here's two photos showing three of the cats. It sort of looks like they may need treatment for URI but that's not a big deal. The people that are trying to help spread the word said they'll help by driving the cats out to adoptive homes out of the area, which I presume means within reasonable day trip driving distance.

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What beautiful little kitties, I do hope that they find homes for the kitties
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