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Charlie's HOME

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Long car ride but well worth it. Charlie's home safe and sound - currently playing with some balls and other toys in the library with his bed, pan, food/water.

Keno and Ling want to know WHY the doors are closed....

But even cooler news. When we got down there, the breeder told us "I had to change the contract" - Charlie wound up being show quality, so if we choose to show him we can . We might put him in the January St. Paul show - will see. But I don't think I will plan on showing him. Maybe in the future get another oci and show that one.

He's really outgoing, not afraid of things - can tell he's very well socialized and they trained him well. I didn't get pictures of the other cats - some others have a litter, and others are breeding - but Nancy has a separate house furnished for them so that its like living in her own house. They go out there several times a day, read, play, etc. with everyone. You certainly can tell all her cats are well loved just by the personality of the kittens

The males have their own rooms with furniture, etc.
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Yay!!! What a great surprise too! Are the other kitties sniffing under the door? I'm really glad to hear Charlie is such a good kitty. Looking forward to updates and watching him grow!
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Awww, while I haven't been posting much lately (been sick and busy with holiday family stuff), I have been watching for your update. I am glad your little new guy is home safe and sound with you and am also anxiously awaiting pictures and progress updates! I know you are excited to have him there with you finally! Did the wait seem like forever?
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Congratulations! You must be thrilled. Looking forward to seeing pics of your new baby!
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WELCOME HOME CHARLIE!!!We have been waiting for you.

yea he is finally home, you must be so relieved. I am glad he is what you were hoping for and more. I can't wait to see a new picture of him, he sounds so awesome.
I was just reading kaibangles thread, and saw your post saying you were gong to get him early this morning. So I was adding the hrs to see when you might be back. I was just wonder if you made to home yet. Long trip for you 12 hrs+ I hope it was a pleasant trip and was comfortable for you and DH, as well as the new addition. Have agreat first night with the new baby
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Welcome Home Charlie!!!
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Its about 5:30 am (Keno wanted out to potty). Checked on Charlie. He's a character - loves playing with your toes and always starts purring when you pet him.

Keno was whining at the door, so I cracked it open about an inch or two. Charlie's tail went up (double size) but NO hissing! Just curiousity - he kept turning his head sideways trying to figure out this huge thing

So after a few mins I let Keno in and put her in a sit or down. She was so excited to see her baby brother. Charlie on the other hand was not so sure. He made sure his feet was higher then Keno - as in sitting in the chair in the libary and kept staring at him. Fur not up as much unless Keno stood up or moved around.

But again, NO hissing! Oci's are not afraid of anything. Ling has not seen him yet, I will probably wait a few more days to introduce those two.

But Charlie is a little purr box Later today will try to get a few pictures with both Charlie and Keno together (or at least in the same picture)
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Congratulations on your new kitten!
It's certainly going to be a fun new year for you with all the Charlie antics
that will be going on.

Don't forget to get us some pictures soon.
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