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Vibes for 8-Bit...

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I think 8-Bit may have the start of a URI. Today his left eye had some gunk in it and he's not as active as he normally is. I made an appointment with the vet, so he's going tomorrow. Also, should I write out a list of things for DH to ask the vet when he goes? I have to work, so it's going to be his first solo trip.
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Sending lots of vibes to 8-bit. I think a list would be a good idea. I do that to my DH when he goes to the vet for me
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Lots of good health vibes to 8-Bit and I always give him a list for the vet as well (and she calls me on cell to let me know anyway ) so I agree its a good idea
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Awww poor baby, theres nothing worse when their not their normal self

Sending (((((mega healthy vibes)))))) for Bit.
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Mega vibes for the bit. I hope it's just a small cold that's easily cured.
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Healing headbuts and gottcha licks from KittenKiya's Clan. Are you sure this is not a pity party????
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Oh, poor baby! Good vibes for all of you, and definately write the list.
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Thanks everyone.. I just wrote a one page set of instructions on the whole vet visit.

8-Bit isn't acting like himself today. We made dinner and he wasn't in the kitchen supervising. I just turned on the printer to print the set of instructions, and all he did was lift up his head. I'm glad that he is going, but I'm going to be a nervous wreck all day.
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Sending prayers and vibes that 8-Bit has a speedy recovery. When JC was acting calmer and uninterested, he had a urinary tract infection - he wasn't acting particulary uncomfortable or even really ill - I just took him in on a "mommy's intuition". Better to catch whatever it is early - those kitties can really hide illness I know it's a survival thing, but geeesh
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Sending many vibes for Bit Try not to worry too much!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Try not to worry too much!
I agree! He's going to the vet right away, and s/he will know what is wrong. Whatever he's got, you are catching it at the beginning. And he'll be fine with your husband; 8-Bit will know he is being helped.

Sending lots of good thoughts.

Cheers, from
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Awww poor thing! We all have our fingers/claws crossed for you that it's just little bit of a cold and that he will be right as rain soon. Radar sends special headbuts to his TCS mentor and role-model.
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Thank you everyone. I'll keep you posted on how he is doing. He and his Purrpa had a little chat, and they both agreed that going to the vet was for the best.
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Poor little 8-bit . You need to get better so you can continue to terrorize your Meowmy so she can provide us stories.
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Sending get well vibes for 8-bit!!
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ohhh 8-Bit sending MEGA healing vibes to you and calming vibes to your Mommy.
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Aww! Poor Bit! Sending "Get Well Vibes"
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Awww Good Luck 8-bit! Get better soon!
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Sending lots of {{{get well soon vibes}}} to 8-Bit! I writ eup insturctions for myself or a list of questions to ask the vet when I take my four legged kids!
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{{{{{Vibing for the Bit}}}}}

You do realize that he will be scheming after his vet visit?
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Sending healing vibes for 8-Bit. He's my favorite. I guess I shouldn't say that aloud. I'll make my girls feel unwanted. Looking forward to Bit's feeling better so we can read his new antics.
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I just saw this thread.

How is 8-Bit doing? I hope he vet visit goes well and he doesn't try to hide in the sink again.

*sending good healing vibes*
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Get well soon, 8-Bit.
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More {{{healing}}} vibes for 8-Bit. I hope it is a minor and easily corrected problem.
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vibes whizzing across to you all
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How is sweet Bit doing? Healing vibes coming his way from our house.
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He appears to be feeling better, due to the pounce to the chest I recieved at 6:45am. There's also no gunk in his eye. I think he heard he was going to the vet and decided to perk up.

I'm going to cancel the appointment and have DH keep a close eye on him all day. If he starts acting weird I'm going to have him call and take him in right away.
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It's a miracle!!! The threat of a visit to the doc can do wonders.
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
It's a miracle!!! The threat of a visit to the doc can do wonders.
Yeah... he's too funny. I'm still a little worried about him, but DH will be home all day to watch and make sure he's okay.
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Just saw this thread and am adding my vibes that he get better fast so he can continue his reign of terror! (I rely on this cat and your trials and tribulations with him - it helps me keep things with my two in perspective! )

Get better FAST, little guy!
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