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My Kittys

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I just got the digital camera so i hope i do this right

Kitty is my 12 weeks old black and white girl and Missy is my 7.5 week old girl.
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Oh my goodness, would you look at those little cuties!! Where did you get them from?.
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awe what a bunch of cuties O my I just wanna grab them up and cuddle llok at that face on Missy just precious...they both are!! I am in
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I got them both from a local cat sanctuary i may be taking Missys sister too iam waiting till after the holidays since they are currently closed till tomorrow, so in the next few days a may have another kitty to add to the picture.
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Oh you lucky thing having those babies to play with
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What precious little ones you have!
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Welcome to TCS!!! Those little 's are SOOOO CUTE!!!
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OMG how adorable those little fur fluffs are
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Well an update, i wasnt able to take Missys sister she got adopted out first, but iam currently looking for a breeder in my area my husband has expressed alot of intrest in our 5 year relationship in siamese cats and his birthday is coming up soon so i may get one for him if i can find a breeder.
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