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Looking for a good tub sprayer

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Does anyone know of a good bathtub water sprayer. I'm looking for a sprayer that I can connect to the tub faucet not the over head shower. I tried a rubber one from Wal-mart and it didn't work. Everything else that I've found is for the shower or a kitchen sink. Any ideas????
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I tried searching on the Net, but had the same results. Here is a possibility:
I think that I would call the customer service and explain exactly what you are looking for - maybe they have ideas; companies do keep an eye on the competition, and the smart ones will give you direction because even if you don't buy from them, they are establishing a positive repoire and will earn customer loyalty and referrals
BTW, any pics of your Siberians to share??? We'd LOVE to see them Susan
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Thank you Susan for your time and the info. I called the company that you found. They are very informative and nice to work with. They said that the only product that they know of, like that, is the one I already bought. They also said that what I'm looking for really isn't idea. So I guess my choices are down to a shower mount or a sink mount.
I'm not sure how to add pictures to the forum but you can see my precious babies at www.preshuspaws.com.

P.S. Your kitties are just darling!
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You can buy an extra long hose for the ones that attach to the shower- we did this so it would reach the underside of our (RB) short legged Corgi . If you know how to (or know of someone who can ) attach the fittings, you can buy the hose (or at least you could when I was looking, many years ago) any length you want, and make your own . Good luck!
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When we remodeled our bathroom several years ago, I wanted a sprayer mounted on the tub deck next to the faucet. Four hundred dollars and the husband said no.
So I still have to use the adaptor on the sink faucet and hook up a rubber hose. Ugggh!
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I just switched out the like wall mount shower head to one of those massager ones that you can take out of the holster and it has a hose.... that's what I use to bathe Ollie and works to clean the tub too, haha
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