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Goals for 2007

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I don't make New Years resolutions because I usually don't keep them, but this time I want to set some goals for myself. Next year I would like to:

- find a new job that I like
- successfully switch Emily from dry food to wet food
- arrange my schedule so that I can start volunteering at the shelter
- do some house repairs (which is another list)
- talk my DH into adopting another kitty

What are your goals?
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1. Get down to 125 pounds like i have been trying to to all 2006
2. Participate in more bike races
3. Get more active in general
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Find out where all my aches and pains are coming from and hopefully fix them!
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1. Get back on my treadmill!
2. Cook dinner more often!
3. Put the laundry away for a change too!
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-Get a "real" part time job, preferably in Arts Administration
-Get several more students and be able to teach 10-20 hours a week privately.
-Play in a competition or two.
-Learn how to stop being such a wet blanket, and therefore, not cause my "friends" to "forget" to include me constantly.
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Really start to eat healthy because i've got a big wedding to go to in 2008
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GET my booty back in shape!! That is my ULTIMATE goal for 2007!!!
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I'll getting into shape.
also I plan on working on my relationship with Dan and
cutting back on take out food and fast food.
I want to drop 8-10lbs and that wont happen unless I work on avoiding delicious Burgerking/taco bell
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Losing weight/exercising more, so I can reach my goal weight (125-130) by August 1st.

Find a job that pays well AND I enjoy going to

Keep the house more tidy

write more often

be on the net less

go out more

make some new friends here in SF

volunteer at the animal shelter

go to the dentist and get it over with
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Do my homework!!! I get so, so far behind because I hate homework so much! ^_^
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Be healthy! I really want to start at the Gym but i can only do that when i get my full time job!

Pray that i get my fulltime job in febuary

save lots of money to leave
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get more active

get my finances under control

do my dishes more than once every 3 months
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Make an obscene amount of money (hey... why not? )

Refinish my cabinets

Pour concrete patio, then tile

Tile the bar

Finish painting the bathroom cabinets

Install new chandelier

Reframe pics of waterfall near grandmas house and me in tattoo mag

Build new couches

Build stand for 100gal fishtank

Refinish coffee table

Install headboard

....and then in February.....
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I don't normally make New Year's resolutions either, but I do have a few goals for 2007:

~ lose weight to look good at my future sister-in-law's wedding (she's asked me to be one of her bridesmaids, so I now have even more motivation for this!)
~ start exercising more
~ either learn to like the job I currently have, or find one that I do like
~ finish the novel I'm working on
~ buy a house (I'm getting married in 2008, and I'd like to have a home by then)
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Originally Posted by MuttigreeMom View Post
Make an obscene amount of money (hey... why not? )
And here's my favorite!
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