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should I reconsider getting Siamese??

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I had 2 mix cats in the past that were part Saimese and they were the best cats ever! The male talked some, but never whined, cryed or wailed. I am supposed to be getting 2 Siamese, but my husband will go nuts if they are as loud as I have been reading on some of these posts. From what I have read about the breed on line, they sounded great~ like dogs in cats bodies. I want a cat(s) that will play, want to be around the kids, not hide out all day, not be aggressive. However, if I am mistaken in thinking Siamese would be best for my family, please let me know!
Thank you!!
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I own a Siamese mix and yes he can be talkative but not overwhelmingly so. He is affectate and does well with my boys (3 under 7 yrs old). Ping does not hide all day but he does have a more laid back personailty during the day.
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You might want to put a post out in the Breeder's Forum. If you are still considering breeds, you might consider the Maine Coon breed. they aren't talkers, and are very interactive. Typically, the MC don't like to be carried and cuddled, but they are very devoted, curious, interactive and LOVE to be petted, just not over-coddled; they DO have a high need for exercise, and can easily wear out a human with a teaser-toy JC, my MC-mix, is so outgoing and curious that he has to be locked up to keep him from interfering with the plumbers Of course, the plumbers, dog-people, were amazed at how curious the cat was, and that he does a polite meow when I say his name; one guy says that if his wife would get a cat like JC, he's gonna let her have a cat
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My siamese only gets whiney when its eating time. Other than that, he has a HUGE vocabulary and uses it often, but its not obnoxious and if you weren't listening for it, you would hardly notice. BUT, come feeding time the whole neighborhood probably thinks I'm torturing the little brat! I do encourage it though, because I think its cute...

There are many cats that are active and playful ("doglike") that are not as talkative as siamese generally are. Such as their beautiful longhaired cousins (which are hardly longhaired if thats a concern) the balinese. I think cornish rexes and ocicats and abbysinians are also fairly active breeds that don't tend to be as vocal. And my personal favorite 'doglike' cat is the bengal.

Of course, keep in mind that all cats are individuals. You may get two siamese cats that don't talk as much as others. Are you getting them from a breeder? Are you able to visit the cattery (or shelter/rescue for that matter) to get a feel for your new additions? They'll probably let you know just how talkative they will be at that point.

Good luck!
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Mister supposedly had a Siamese mother, he is extrememly loud you can hear him meowing when we're outside with the windows closed. He goes on & on.

If your concerned about it, I would err on the side of caution and choose another breed.
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thanks. I am getting from a breeder. Have talked to 3 already and going to see on this week in person. I'd love Balinese, but am having a hard time finding where I live. I don't want to ship if I don't have to.
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