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Here are a few pictures of my staffordshire bull terrier, who I lost to cancer in September aged 17, she has the cancer in all of the pics shown not that you'd know, and I took them as I knew I'd end up losing her so wanted to make sure I had as many as i could get of her.

Having a nap

Making the most of the summer sun

Posing!(bit blurry this one)
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awe Im so sorry for your , R.I.P pretty girl although she was such a gorgeous doggie
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She was gorgeous! I am so sorry for your loss, though.
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She had the most wonderful temperment too, we have her ashes and Im now looking for a special urn, can't find many nice ones within the UK, but have seen some on and American site, so will likely buy from there.
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What a lovely girl she was. And she lived to be 17! That is wonderful that she lived to be so old even with the cancer.
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What a beautiful special girl. I just love brindle Staffies. Gorgeous thing - such a big smile. Weren't you blessed to have her for 17 years? You must have been a wonderful mother to her - she looks so peaceful and happy.
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Oh Shelby you are a beautiful girl. Rest in Peace, sweet baby.
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Oh Bless her heart, so sorry you lost your baby
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