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Help me design my new tattoos!

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I got my one I already had touched up/finished about two months ago, and now I'm just dying for the two (3?) I have planned next.

But I need help!

One of them is two butterflies on my shoulderblades, both about the size of my palm plus an inch or two, one done all in cool colors, one done all in warm colors. I have a signature butterfly I've drawn on things for like 7 years now, that's not the issue. But, should they be symmetrical or kind of off? Should one be higher and turned just slightly different, or should they both be flying outwards or inwards or what? Red/orange on the right or left? Green/purple/blue on the right or left?

The other one will be from my ankle to my knee, on my right leg, and will be an oak branch starting in the middle all green, and then fading into fall colors as it gets to the ends, and then finally branches... but should it start to have little green buds on the end or not? And, as it is twisting all the way round my leg, should the middle, biggest, green part be on the outside or inside? Also, any preference for a kind of oak? Here are some examples: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Quercus_species I'm leaning towards Black Oak, Northern Red Oak, Scarlet Oak, Burr Oak, and White Oak.

Please feel free to answer with any ideas, comments, etc... They are not drawn yet at all, and anything can be changed or rearranged or rethought. Any feedback, negative, positive, neutral, is appreciated!
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Of course, most of this is totally up to your preferances.

For the butterflies I'd keep them individual. As in, different heights, tilt, direction. Actually, I'd do both facing in but tip one slightly and maybe a little higher on the shoulder than the other.

If I get the idea of the oak (cycles of the seasons) then yes, I'd put a few small buds at the tips of the branches so it comes full circle. Then, which ever part you want most visible I'd put on the outside. With out seeing how it's wrapping your leg or what it looks like, that the best advice I have.
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My son's friend Carla has HUGE butterfly wings done on her back so it looks like they are attached to her and SHE is the butterfly. That's kinda cool....
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