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Eye discharge and stress?

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We've noticed a connection between stressful situations and the eye discharge in Mojo. We first noticed it when we were adopting her, when she was in the carrier, waiting in the front of the store for my to track down the meds for her eye, with the dogs barking and people scurrying around, her eye was heavily discharging clear fluid. We did get the antibiotic eye ointment and have completed the treatment for conjunctivitis. Her eye is clear (the white is white, not pink or red), but if she has a surprise encounter with one of the others, her eye does discharge some. Most of the time it doesn't, just when there's been some hissing & growling and especially if the encounter is unexpected.

We've also noticed sporadic sneezing for a couple days, though that has greatly diminished in the last day (like she only sneezed once yesterday). Quite possible it was because she was in a confined, small space, and the dust had built up in there. She coughed once yesterday, and threw up some undigested food this morning (I think she just ate too fast - she seems to inhale the food!).

Paranoid kitty parents? Yes, definitely. I'm mostly wondering about the eye discharge, though. I really don't see any other indications of a URI, since the sneezing has stopped, there was never any mucus with the sneezes. But has anyone seen this type of thing before?
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Zoey gets that when stressed ... Vet said not to worry unless it got worse...
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I really don't think it's this because the discharge is clear - but the next time you take the kitties to the vet for a check-up, you may want to consider getting Mojo tested for the herpes virus just to be sure. If she has it, adding lysine to her diet will really help.

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Hannah has this. We just returned from a trip to my dad's, kitties in tow, and her eyes were watery for 2 of the days we were there. I gave her extra L-Lysine and also a drop of Rescue Remedy each day while we were there to help her relax a bit.

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What LDX and Stephanietx said. April Joy has the feline herpes virus and those are the symptoms she gets when she is stressed.
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