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My tribute to Cleo

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This is a tribute to Cleo, a cat I had in the 1980's

My new kitten was a female silver tabby and white and already had the name Cleopatra. I liked the name, and called the kitten Cleo for short.

The kitten was a male, his name was still Cleo but it was short for Cleophus, a mans' name in the Bible.

Once after taking Cleophus to the vet, I was told he had feline leukemia. There was no cure, but he would die from it. Shadow, my other cat would not catch it.

Once I took Cleo to the vet; he was getting sicker. The vet said he would run tests the next day. They needed to call me for permission just before surgery. My boss didn't like workers getting phone calls, so I gave them my mother's phone number.

I call the vet as soon as I got home the next day. The vet took the phone and my heart dropped, when I heard the words: "your cat has been put to sleep."

Cleo was worse then thought. My mother gave the vet permission to have Cleo pts.

A friend and I buried Cleo. I got another kitten (Felicia). But I could not get over Cleo. I finally wrote him a letter him I loved him and was sorry and could not be with with him when he died. As soon as I wrote this, I felt better.

It was still a long time before I could talk about Cleo.

Cleophus lived between 1983 and 1989. The only picture I have of him is not a digital one.
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We had a cat named Houdini that also had that.

When Houdini found our home, my son was dating a girl who wanted the kitten, her parents would not let her keep it at their house, so we kept it at our house.

After they broke up, she wasn't getting him back, we had already got attached to him, anyways one day we noticed he wasn't eating so my son carried him to the vet. The vet called me at work and told me what was wrong with him. I asked him what was our options and he told me that we could try and treat him or we could put him to sleep, he also told me it could get expensive if we chose to try and treat Houdini.

I opted to try and treat him but after about a month I could see that Houdini was just getting weaker and weaker, I had been getting up with him every couple of hours and trying to get him to eat.

We finally made the painful decision to put him to sleep, that was one of the hardest things I ever had to do.
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Awww Nancy that was a lovely tribute to Cleo It's a shame you don't know anyone who could scan the picture of Cleo onto a disc?.
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Cleo know that your Mommy loves you and misses you. Rest in Peace, sweet baby.

Nancy that was a very beautiful tribute for your baby boy.
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Awww Nancy that was a lovely tribute to Cleo It's a shame you don't know anyone who could scan the picture of Cleo onto a disc?.

Someone on another board has just offered to scan it for me!
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Aw sweet Cleo! I know he has welcomed many of my babies to the Rainbow Bridge what a lovely tribute
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what a wonderful tribute

RIP sweet boy
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Rest in peace Cleo. Look down in love on those who miss you so much at this sad time.
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Rest in peace, also, Houdini. Play happily at rainbow bridge.
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What a beautiful tribute to your Cleo. The decision to have a beloved friend PTS has to be the most difficult decision that any of us have to make but when the alternative is pain and suffering then we know that the choice we have made is the right one and that it's done out of love and compassion. May Cleo rest in peace.

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I hope you can click on this and open it.
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What a beautiful kitty Cleo was. I'm sure he knows how much he is loved and missed. Thank you for sharing him with us.
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Thank you for sharing your lovely tribute to Cleo. He was a gorgeous cat. RIP sweetie.
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