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Why can't they let me sleep

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Every night Ben starts something. We seem to have 3 good nights then poof!
Last night Hubby couldn't take him in the bedroom. He was into everything. So he was out with the others. Lucky & him faught for 5 hours. I think they stopped for 1 1/2 hours around 3pm. How many times does Lucky have to beat him for Ben to stop? I went back to bed at 4:30 with Ben who was great until Lucky knocked for us at 11am
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I wish I had some advice for ya. We have just learned to block Ping's nightly noises out. He use to just go in and sleep but now he wants to walk over everything. Have you tried leaving you door cracked opened so that he can come in and go as he pleases from the room? For us that has helped a lot.
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I wish I could keep the door open but it keeps DH awake. I feel like I am in prison. I can't sit still with them around at night. We tried tiring him out during the day but it doesn't always work. How long did it take for things to calm down at your house?
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Well Ping is more on the nocturnal side. When he was a baby he would sleep in bed with me (and hubby when he was off). But as he grew a little older and more mature he started playing more at night and doing stuff on his own. I would not say that he calmed down he just found other things to occupy him at night.

I leave my bedroom door cracked a a max of about 3 inches at night which has helped. He can come and go as he pleases without waking me up.

I make sure that he has dry food and water out at night. In case he gets hungry so that he does not have to wake me up.

I also bought a scratching post for the living room (a small one for now) that keeps him occuppied. Plus I leave out some indestrutable toys out for him.

Some I plan to add a cat condo to the bed so that he can play and climb on that.

For me to learn how to deal with the extra noises...I bought a fan that has a timer. I set it for one hour to help drown out the zoomie fun he is having. I go to sleep before the fan goes off.
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