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We've all been sooooooooooo sick

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Thursday,my middle son came home from school sicker than a dog.He threw up on the bus ride home.So, I was hoping it was from eating to much candy at school for their Christmas party.NO such luck!! He brought the flu home.
ALL of us have had it now. Fever,chills,runs and throwing up.Our Christmas was almost ruined because we were all so sick.Thankfully we got a breather from the flu for Christmas day.
Sorry I haven't been on much.Between being sick and caring for 4 sick skin kids and then trying to clean, I've been wore out.
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it seems to be going around, there are so many people sick at work that my boss walked in the other day and told us to start taking zinc and Vit C pills immediately so we wouldn't be sick and leave the office unstaffed

Hope you are all feeling better and get to enjoy the rest of the holiday season
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Oh NO!! That sucks..I hope you all feel better soon
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I feel your pain Tammy! Today is the first day I am attempting to survive off of Nyquil, If I cough one more time I think my lungs will fly out. Hope you all get better soon!
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Oh no.... Deacon seems to be the only one who has it right now. I'm keeping that we don't get it.
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My SIL works for a pediatrician, she says the bug is going around big time.....
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That sucks big time. It seems like everyone on TCS is getting sick. Are you and the kids feeling any better?
Luckily I'm a recluse, so hopefully I won't get ill.
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We are doing better now.But, there is still the dreaded runs here.Let's just say, I stick as close to the potty as I can.LOL!!
Thanks for all the good vibes/well wishes and etc.
What on Earth is making all of us so sick and at the same time?
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