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Our First Alpha Cat!

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Congratulations Deb25 for becoming our first Alpha cat with more than 300 posts!!!

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yay deb25!
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Way to go Deb!!!! (ever thought of becoming a moderator? you would make a good one!....I could use help in the "Lounge" )
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LOL but moderators never get to move up in the chain. Congrats on so many posts!!
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This is true, Sandie...the chain stops here...lol
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I noticed my new status earlier today. I have been considering the moderator thing. Will all that power go to my head?!?

I realize that I have a big mouth (reason for so many posts), but you guys are all so neat to talk to!

Three cheers for Anne, and

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Congratulations, Deb 25! For you, a Blob-O-Rama!

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Hat's off to you Deb!!! Speaking of hat's off, did that male stripper get over there for the celebration? :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: : :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: : :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash:

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Oh, the things you miss when you run out for some ice cream in the evening!!
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CONGRATS Deb!! Wow, an Alpha Cat. So, are you the first to be an Alpha Cat?
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Congratulations on your new status, Deb25. Meowman, looks like you are not too far behind!
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Oh, Yeah, Tiggey! I didn't realize that. Yahoo!!!!
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Yippee!!! :flash:
Keep it up, I think you should become a moderator. You know a lot about the kitties.
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Meow Man:

Come on and get posting. It's getting lonely up here on Alpha Hill!
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Hey Girl
I'mma postin'! I thought you lived in Fla...???
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Ok, you caught me. LOL Here in Florida it would be "Alpha Slight-Bump-In-The-Terrain".
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