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Ahhh life is good!

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Just wanted to share my happy mood

We've just spent 4 days in Las Vegas with friends and had a ball, just spoke with my family back home and everyone is happy and healthy, and my new job is going well so far, and DH is happy, so I'm feeling like one lucky girl right now.

And to really put a smile on my dial, Lily and Stumpy were lying on the couch together with their heads together, and licking each others faces, and I swear they both had big kitty smiles on their faces - they just looked so content. Then I looked over at DH and he's lovingly stroking Smudge who was snuggled up on his lap purrrring away.

All our kitties are so gorgeous and so much happier then the day we brought each of them home and they all adore each other and us, and it really made my heart soar.

I'm going to enjoy this very good mood while it lasts
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You are in a good mood! Enjoy! Dont you just love being in that good of a mood? And heres a little something for you.
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Hehe thanks!!!
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I'll jump in with my own good mood. Having a great time hanging out catching up with family and friends. Rang my hubby and he said I sounded like I was in a great mood, which put him in a good mood too
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WOW!! Isn't it so nice to be in a great mood!? I'm glad your sharing it with us..I am in a good mood too because I got some Trout cuddles this morning
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It's nice to sit back & appreciate what gifts we have!
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Life is good for me too, there are lots of people who are having bad things happen.

I am just glad to be here.
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
I'm going to enjoy this very good mood while it lasts
Oh my!.... Congratulations for your safe trip!...and thank you very much for share this lovely moments with us!!

that´s the attitude, spread the good mood in everywhere!!!..

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This is exactly what the holiday's are really for, appreciating what you do have.
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Ok, good mood gone....

I'm at work, and a file I was working on before the holidays has gone. It seems as though I stupidly managed to save it in a temporary folder, which gets emptied when you reboot your computer which I did just before I left for the Christmas break.

It had sooooo much work in it which is going to be a real pain to try and redo, and I'm going to have to ask the same people the same questions again
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