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Help - Urine in litter is not clumping

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Hi everyone. My cat was recently diagnosed with CRF. She is 12.5. I am new to this situation. Does anyone with this same diagnoses have problems scooping the litter box. I know her urine is not concentrating but in the litter box it is very sticky. She is going more I know since she is drinking more water. Any suggestions? Thank you so very much. Also, she wakes me up several times in the night. She seems restless and only eating can food. Have to stir it for her to get more juice or add some water. Does anyone else go through this too?

Again, thank you for your help.

Chloe's mom
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Yes canned food is a GREAT thing for CRF kitties...

the urine question should be addressed by the vet ... I would suggest you call 1 thing in the morning....

My 18.5 yr old Kandie has Crf ...

WHat diet or supplements is your kitty on???

Any other symtoms???
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The vet told me a while back that her urine is not concentrating so that is why it is not clumping in the litter (clumpable litter being used) and going so often. I just did not know if other ppl had the same problem. Hard to dig out of the litter box and no fun.

She is being very, very finicky on her food. I can only get her to eat can food she has always had, Friskies Diet(I get for urinary problems) and she will eat only, Royal Canin Modified Diet can. We tried others but she would not eat them. This Royal stuff is $1.20 a can...any suggestions. Plus what portion she used to eat was about a tablespoon a day with dry food. No more dry food and only can. Gets expensive.

Thank you. How have you been doing with your cat Sharky?
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You might want to look into the silica crystal litters. Since they absorb the urine instead of clumping, they may be more effective for you. I wouldn't expect them to last as long as the bag indicates (maybe 1/2 to 1/4 of that time) since your cat is going more often than average.
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Kandie is now eating off an oriental medicine chart ... she eats canned , homemade and raw foods with herbs and multiple supplements... This is all approved by my vet which I am lucky in the fact she does both conventional and natural treatments...

Royla canin makes a kidney diet ... as does purina, science diet and eukanuba...

I use chn feed and it does a decent job of clumping evan when kandie is nt concetrating...

Does you vet have you on fluids or any supplements>??
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I have a question. Does CRF stop urine from caking together, or are you sure you are using clumping litter?
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Originally Posted by KittenKiya View Post
I have a question. Does CRF stop urine from caking together, or are you sure you are using clumping litter?
No CRF doesnt stop clumping... but kandie just had a icky uti and her clumps were thin and long in my box... The vet said her lack of concetrated urine was the reason ...
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I am using clumping litter, it sometimes clumps but I think because she is going more and the nonconcentration it is just sticky and I have to scrape it out of the litter.

She is not on fluids yet because she is eating and the vet suggested we wait to do that. She is just so restless. Waking me up several times in the night for me to stir her food. Does anyone else have this problem? Thank you.
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Yeah I feed Kandie about ten small meals a day .... If i need to feed her over night I put an ice cube in the food
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Great idea about the ice. I will try that. Maybe I can get a good nights rest.
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Scoop Away was the best litter for me when my Sheba had CRF. Nothing else clumped hard enough with the amount she peed.

She ate Science Diet KD dry & canned with chicken, and loved it. Especially the canned. I usually heated it up a bit in the microwave, and when she wasn't doing as well, added a little Pedialyte. She ate many, many small meals a day. Sometimes I'd be late for work because I'd check on her before I left, and she'd be grubbing for MORE food. Thankfully, they understood.
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I will try scoop away. Have not tried that brand yet. Thank you.

We have tried k/d and she did not like it. Thank you though for the suggestion. I will also keep the pedialyte in mind if I need to use it.

Thank you.
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I thank everyone for all their help. I really am glad I found this site. I think I cleared up the clumping litter. I tried a different litter and it is clumping much better. Guess not all clumping litters that say they are, are clumping. I thought it was my cat's urine not concentrating. Really worried me. She is still in kidney failure and drinks tons of water and goes to the litter box constantly but now I can scoop it.

Also, I put her wet food in the microwave and she is eating it. Thank you all!

Chloe's mom
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