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I think I ruined it

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Arek has been in mandatory seclusion for a while, due to poor litterbox habits. We've now allowed him into the rest of the house, but at night he's still put up in the bathroom to keep him from pooping in the floor. ANYWAY, while he was in seclusion, he became really friendly. Arek is the cat we've been working with to help him to like people... he's the one who will get up and walk away when we pet him. Not so, recently! He'd been initiating contact, and he even slept in my lap one night! But two days ago I decided that he'd gone without brushing for long enough and I needed to do something about it. I'd love to know how you guys brush your cats, because my cats - even the retired show cat who should be used to it - HATE being brushed. They claw and spit and growl and throw a general fit about it. Well, anyway, Arek has been avoiding me ever since. In fact, he'll sometimes growl at me when I go near him. I'm so distraught! I NEVER EVER should have tried to brush him - I should have taken him to the groomer, or better yet, had his fur shaved or cut so that no one would have to groom him for a very long time. Now we're right back where we started!
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I read that cats do not like to be brushed due to static built up. I don't think it is your fault at all.
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Some kitties just dont like being brushed. Ceci is very laid back and she likes having her nails clipped, but with her fur shes a tad bit uncomfortable.

With a longhair baby...I dont think they have a choice, unless they want to be bald kitties
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Wow, and I thought they didn't like to be brushed...

I hadn't seen dislike until I tried to shove medicine down everyone’s throat today. Talk about some ANGRY cats! They're avoiding me like the plague. I'm not sure our relationship is EVER going to get better.
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i'm sure it will. I feel like that with Isis cause she usually runs from me but I try to make sure that when I see her for the first time, I don't grab her and give her her meds. Although now it's late and i still need to give them to her so i'm going to have to hunt her down.

Have you tried treats? Bribes work
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