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Duke got out....

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For the last hour the kids and I have been hunting for Duke.. The little booger slipped out the front door when we went out to smoke. He's been doing this for the last week or 2. It's frustrating because it takes all 4 of us to round him up and back into the house.
Bo doesn't do it and Cooter was so scared he bolted back in. I don't know how to stop him from doing this.
We came inside to warm up for a min, in hopes that Jake would round him up in the yard like he usually does and when we went to let Jake in, Duke bolted inside.
Does anyone have any tips to help keep him inside? He's the only one with interest in the outdoors
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Bagheera was the same way. All he ever wanted to do was get out. My cure for that was about twice a week I would bring him out on harness and leash. It made him a little easier to keep in. Just watch out and have someone hold him if the doors about to be opened. If everyone is leaving put him in a room where he cant get out. I would put Bagheera in the cat room. He knew how to open the door but it would give me enough time to rush out really quick.
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