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ok question about new kitten

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The vet said it looked like a ragdoll the shelter said looks like a ragdoll? but wasnt sure.

she is pure white but her ears and tail is a very light gray and a little gray stripe on her nose. She has really pretty blue eyes. How much of her will change color is it like a siamese?

Also would like to know how to get pictures so you could all see her. i have a camera but dont know how to download the pictures.

She has hit it off really well with the cats and dog she is so easy going not one of them hissed or even fluffed up. She loves to be held and hasnt stopped purring since we brought her home.
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WEll the night went well. We put her in the bathroom with the litter box. She still hasnt stopped purring. Only thing i have noticed is that when she really gets purring and petted she starts licking me like crazy then will like bite and then lick again. Ive just said ow in a loud voice and she lets go and starts licking again. I am thinking shes trying o nurse maybe.

Also she is food aggressive I gave all the cats treats last night and one ate his and went to sniff out hers she hissed and swatted at him didnt get him but thats the first ive seen any agression. She also will bite your hand if she smells ANY food on them. She seems to think she is starving.
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Hi April!!!

Welcome to TCS! I would believe what the vet & shelter told me....they are educated people....if your not 100% sure, she could be a mix, like a ragdoll mix. Either way, I'm so glad you saved her from a shelter!

As far as your camera goes, I would read the instructions on how to down load pics....I am not that saavvy myself, and have just figured out my own camera! But when you figure out how to get them onto your computer, pm me and I'll explain how to get them uploaded for fur pics! Cant' wait to see them!
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Congratulations on your new kitty. She sounds like a love. If she is a shelter cat she WILL be food aggresive untl she realizes that she has a steady food supply and will not be going without. Bless you for taking her.
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