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Coffee Cats

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(Sorry if this posted twice... internet connection went wonky for a sec there)

A few years ago my MIL decided to learn how to quilt. She's become quite good at it, and this year gave everyone handmade quilts for christmas. I thought you guys might get a kick out of the one she made for me...

It's coffee cats!

This is the back:

I told her it was a perfect fit since Peewee is always trying to stick his head in my coffee mug!

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What a great quilt!
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That's just great! It's my two favorite things put together!
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That's a very nice quilt. Very well done.
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Wow that's very nice. She should sell them. I bet lots of people would buy one. I know I would
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That is awesome!!
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Wow, what a thoughful gift..I love it!!
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that is just the perfect keep-sake..............
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Oh that is so cute!!!
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What an adorable and thoughtful gift!!
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..Absolutely Fantastic!!!.......
Is great and amazing!!!
I wish that this kind of stuff can be sell in Mexico....
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Thanks guys! I'm pretty impressed with it too. She really did a great job

Originally Posted by ClaireBear View Post
Wow that's very nice. She should sell them. I bet lots of people would buy one. I know I would
Just out of curiosity, if you were to buy this quilt, how much do you think you'd be willing to spend on it? I'm not selling this one, but I have been trying to convince her to sell some of her work, but she's been a little uneasy about it thinking no one would buy them.
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That's really a nice-looking quilt, and I bet she could easily sell similar "themed" ones on ebay.
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