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Hey mate! Send it anyway! Oh right, too late. Can I at least keep the $100 note???
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Double damn, I knew I should have taken that out first
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Oh mate, you ARE a few bricks short of a load! Got some sticky tape???
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Oh thanks TatCat you are soooooo kind. *mumble mumble mumble*
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Hey mate, I just had a funny thought, those Yanks are gonna wake up tomorrow and see that we've been running riot around the forum!!! :foot: :foot: :foot: :foot: :foot: :foot:
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OH YEA GODS!!!!!!! What are we going to do???????? they are going to ban us!!!!!! oh nooooooooo the pain, the misery!!! I have loved it here. It's al your fault..............that's what I'l tell them!! You led me astray. I am innocent I tell you innocent!!! Oops sorry. Got carried away. Ummmm do you think we will get in trouble?? if we do we will have to go delete them. You are a bad influence TatCatTicTac
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ME mate??? I am 100% angel! You're the blabbermouth around here! I'm gonna tell them you told me the voices told you to do it! Then the men in the white coats will cart you off to a nice warm padded room.

Gotta run mate, take care.
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Oh so you are now leaving!!!!!!!!!! you threaten me and then just bugger off????? fine friend you are. They love me they know it's you that is doing all t he bad stuff. uhhuh!!!!!!!
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I was asked if I can make sure to pair up people in the USA w/ people elsewhere. Then I was also asked in a PM to NOT pair this person w/ anyone outside of the USA.

SO, I am sure you all see my dilemma. Unfortunately I cannot please everyone. And I am being inundated w/ requests as to who they want, who they don't want, where they want, where they don't want.

I don't mean to sound harsh, but I will pair everyone up as best I can. I will try to meet everyone's request. But please don't lose sight of the fact this is a SECRET SANTA CARD EXCHANGE, and the whole idea is to be SURPRISED as to who you get and who gets you!!!!! I will try to accomodate all of you, but no promises. And no hard feelings if you get someone or somewhere you don't want.
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Count me in for anyone! I think that you are doing a great job & I just wanted to say say thanks & that I appreciate it!
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Daniela, ditto for me. I think you are doing a great job.

And, I also think the pairing off should be done without consideration of Location/Person. Come on guys, we all know that we are all over the map here and if we choose to participate, there is a chance you will end up with someone in another State or in your own State. And...the main goal of a Secret Santa is that: "Secret". Let's keep this simple for Daniela. This is supposed to be a fun thing, not a full time job for her.
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LOL It is a full time job!!!

I am doing my best to assign someone to each person who is at least in a different state, and I think that will be possible. I have about 75% of the people here in the US and about 25% overseas, so it would be mathematically impossible to give everyone someone from another country!!

Thanks guys for understanding. I am trying to make everyone happy, really I am!!! You are all wonderful for being so understanding.
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Count me as another - anyone, anywhere!

I'm so excited, I went out and bought the supplies to make my gift. I'm gonna have this done way before I even get a name at the rate I'm going! No one minds getting a Holiday card before Halloween, right?
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Happy Holidays!
Merry Christmas
Happy Chanukah!
Happy Kwanzaa!
Happy Ramadan!
Happy St. Lucia Day!
Happy Winter Solstice!
Yule Time Greetings!

THERE!!! I think I have everyone covered?!

Happy Holiday Everyone ~ (If you get a card that says Happy Kwanzaa - DEAL WITH IT!!)

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...I was in my message tracking today and noticed that a LOT of people that I've PM'd about the Secret Santa haven't read them yet. I was thinking that maybe some of you don't know how to get to your PM box, or perhaps just haven't been checking. ALso, some people receive an email to tell them when they have received a PM, and some have that feature turned off. If you want it on, just email or message one of the mods and we can tell you how to turn that feature on so you'll know when you get a new private message.

I hate to keep bugging everyone about the PM's, but its the only way of communication unless I post in the lounge with a new thread.

Sooo, for those of you who perhaps don't know how to get into your PM box, here is how:
If you start at TCS home page, click on forums. Then scroll to the bottom and you'll see the link to your Private Messages. Click there, and voila!! you'll be in your inbox.

Please to all of you, check your PM's daily. I'll be sending out individual info to you w/ the person you are assigned to, as well as answering questions that have been sent to me.

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Thank you for the loving reminder...Sometimes I get way excited with all the great stuff going on here I dont check.

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Speaking from one who doesn't get PMs too often, I find that the easiest thing is to click 'yes' on the user option that sends you an email notification whn you have a new PM.

You can do that at the top of any forum page by clicking on "User CP" and then "Edit Options". Scroll down and one of them will address the issue. (the 5th one under "Messaging and Notifications") After you have clicked 'yes', scroll down and click "Submit Modifications".
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Thaks deb! I was actually going to put that in my post and forgot
Woops....I need some coffee this morning!!
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Then I'm one ahead of you....I'm halfway through my first giant mug of it!
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I'm Angyl, Kinjo's physically challenged roommate and I'm in

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I'm in and just sent my PM. I was thinking, since there are so many people with different beliefs and such, maybe we can post what holiday we celebrate. May make it easier to get cards that are more suited for the person we are "assigned". *shrugs* Just a thought.
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By all means, if anyone feels that they need to reveal their particular religious preference, then by all means do so!! This is a holiday exchange, but in no means do I want anyone to be offended or uncomfortable. I posted earlier about all the "requests" I was getting, but if it has to do w/ religius beliefs feel free to PM me and I can let your "secret santa" know what you prefer. Otherwise, I encourage everyone to send a general holiday greeting or New Years Wish. This way nobody gets offended. I particularly like cards that say something like:
Peace for the new year
Happy Holidays
Joy to the World

You all get the idea!!! Thanks guys!!
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Bumpity Bump Bump
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I just wanted to say on behalf of all of us, Thank You. It sounds like this is turning out to be a lot of work, and you sure don't need to be apologetic for asking us all to do stuff too! ESPECIALLY when it's information that helps us too!!

Thanks for ALL the work you're putting in to make all of our holidays more fun, exciting, and interesting! :tounge2:

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Hey LDG, no thanks necessary!! I volunteered to do this because I love TCS and all the people here! And I know there are a lot of newer people in the past few months and I didn't think they'd want to tackle this task!! I'm having fun doing it, I just want to keep it as easy as I can for myself with the help of all of you!

I'm going to merge this thread in w/ the Secret Santa one now. I just wanted to make sure about the PM's with everyone but I don't want another Santa thread to emerge, so I'm going to merge it in now and people can just read that one for any updates.

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I'm merging the PM boxes thread into this one since its relevant to Secret Santa and its starting its own "life" w/ Secret Santa stuff.
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I'm not of any religion, but even if I was, I'd still be delighted to receive a card from my 'secret santa' showing their religion/beliefs. To me, it just adds to the wonderful diversity we have here at TCS.
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Ok, we have one week left to sign up, so if you haven't already go ahead and send me that PM.

I've been asked to post a list of who has signed up, so here is the official list as of 9/23. In no particular order I might add :

Whisky's Dad
Whiskers Mom
Jin and Spawn
Luv those Paws

If I missed anyone ( which I don't think I have ), please contact me ASAP...I've been trying my best to keep up w/ the PM's, but I'm only human.:tounge2:
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The sign ups have slowed down tremendously. I've only gotten one or two since last Monday.

I am going to start the final list and assigning people this weekend and will be PM'ing each of you starting on Tuesday. PLEASE be sure to check your PM's next week, I won't do all in one day, but will definitly have it all done by Friday.

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