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The Holidays are just around the corner  

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Seeing that it's September and Christmas being 3 1/2 months away, I was wondering if we should start brainstorming about what to do this year? Last year we had Secret Santas, any ideas of what to do this year or should we not do anything?
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I think a secret santa would be a great idea again. I'd be willing to take on the role of "organizer" if there is nobody else who wants to do it. What do you guys think??
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I think Secret Santas is a great idea!
I would love to participate

How do you do it here on TheCatSite?!?
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Last years Secret Santa was organized by non other than our resident HISSY!

I'm not sure of the specifics, but from what I can remember everyone who wanted to participate signed up and gave Hissy their info (address etc ) and Hissy assigned everyone. Then you mailed out your gifts.

I'm not sure of all the details, I actually didn't participate last year. But I'm sure Hissy would give me a crash course if we decide to do it again this year. Right, hissy??
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What you guys might want to do instead, and it is entirely up to you. But last year when it was all being organized several things fell through and some people were left without gifts at the last moment until guardian elves stepped forward to help. So it was rather chaotic to fill in the gaps. But, anyway, my thought was if you didn't want to go to the expense of a gift for everyone- how about doing a card exchange instead? Perhaps making the idea behind it to be homemade cards, one to a member drawn from a hat type of thing, and one to Anne just in appreciation for without her, none of us would even know of each other's existence. This way, not a lot of expense is involved and all of our members are clever and creative. I pass the project of Secret Santa gratefully to you dtolle. Whatever is decided, just count me in as a participant this year. Thanks!
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I am happy with either the cards or the gifts!
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Well, I think Hissy's idea for the card is great too. Sooooooooo, lets take a vote.

Who thinks we should do just cards? Who thinks we should do gifts? Lets keep this post open for a few days and see what the consensus is, and then we'll put the plan in motion. How does that sound??

Thanks for handing over the reigns to me Hissy! I'm not sure if I know what I'm getting myself into right now! But it will be worth it, I know it!!:tounge2:
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based on last year- I vote cards......
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I like the idea of the cards; it's definitely better on postage. However, I am so not creative - I'm not into the artsy-craftsy stuff. I'd much rather pick out a card at the store, and believe you me, the time I put into picking out a card is just as good as someone who makes their own. If we do cards, could we have the option of making one or picking out one to buy?

Hey, maybe we could do a picture exchange (include one in the card)?
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My vote is for Cards as well.
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I vote for either cards or gifts. I am volunteering to help if needed. I love this site and you all are a great bunch of gals! A big meow from Jedi!!!
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Can someone place this at the top of the page so everyone will be sure to see it?
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Either cards or gifts is okay with me...as long as the cards don't have to be homemade...I'm not that creative.
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Okay I made this thread a sticky until we are done with the secret santa thing. We can even use this thread to say who wants to be involved in it, etc.
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I'm definately in!

I'm not at all creative either, so if we do the card idea I would also want to do the store bought one... anyone that received a homemade card from me would NOT be impressed!

As far as what I'd rather do - I don't care. Whatever everyone else decides is just fine with me.
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Ok Gals, this is how we'll do it.

Everyone who wants to be in can post here that they are in, AND please send me a PM as well so I can keep track. We'll let that run like that for a while until I know everyone who wants to participate has a chance to notify me. I'll post a final list here in this thread sometime in October so everyone can see who is participating, and anyone who wants to join that hasn't so far can jump on the bandwagon.

Once the list is compiled and I've paired everyone off, then I'll notify everyone as to who they have to send to.
Is that all too confusing??

So, start signing up now: Post here and PM me and I'll start the list going.

Note: It would probably be easier to send the PM w/ your address already so when its time for me to pair people off I can send your address right away w/ the name they got.
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Definitely count me in! Sending off a PM to Daniela now.
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Oh....I almost missed this post. I would have kicked myself in the butt!

I am definately in.

I vote either way. But I love the gift idea!!!!!

Cards are nice but how about adding a bookmark of some kind in the card? It won't affect the cost of shipping and then you have a memento that you can have with you all the time. (I always lose my cards) There are so many different bookmarks, it would be interesting to see if we can find one to match whoever we have to send it to!

Just a thought.

Daniela, if you need help, you can count on me also!

Sending a PM right away!
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I like that idea G., or something like that. A gift that can fit in your card - could be a cute picture, a bookmark (great since most of us are readers), magnet, the possibilities are pretty good. You can't spend too much money with something that small, too.
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Got the PM's ladies, and I love the bookmark idea, or some other momento! How fabulous that would be, like getting a small gift, but nothing that will cost to ship!!

So, for anyone who wants to include a small momento in the card or perhaps a photo, that would be great too!!

Keep the PM's coming.....I've got lots more room in my box!!
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Count me in too! I would prefer the card idea with a little something that can be mailed with the card. That way we don't have to spend alot on shipping.
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I'm still in! Sending a PM now!
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Double post. (I got excited, I guess.)
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Count me in Daniela!
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Count me in! PM sent! I like the idea of a small gift or a memento either in a small package or in the card!
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Count me in! PM forthcoming...
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i almost missed this! i was not here last christmas. i would love to participate!! i would like the option to choose to send a gift or card. we could prehaps do a $5 limit. it is so much fun to recieve a package in the mail! i buy alot off ebay! and as a part time seller ,shipping is not expensive as long as the item is not heavy.
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I'm getting a lot of PM's! But we have a problem, please send your address with your PM so I can start compiling the list. If you don't send your address, I won't officially add you to the list. When I PM everyone with who they have I'd like to be able to do it just once with the address included.

Thanks guys!!
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I just wanted to let everyone know that I'll leave the sign up open until October 1st to let everyone have a chance. I know we have some members that don't visit daily, but who may well want to participate.

Then on Oct 1st I'll put the list together and pair off people. Hopefully by Oct 7th I'll be able to notify everyone on who they got and send you their addresses.

So, you all have until October 1st to PM me and sign up!!
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Hate to throw a curve ball at this seemingly late date, but what about everyone who participates making a donation to a local animal rescue service ($5 or $10 max or even just unspecified amount and not allowed to tell) and include in the Holiday card (not all of us are Christians) the name of the service to which the money was donated? Bookmarks or or small card-enclosure sized gifts optional?
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