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Getting Carpal Tunnel Surgery Next Week

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Well it's official, next Friday I'm going for a Carpal Tunnel Release surgery on my left wrist. Unfortunately in my case physical therapy won't do much and a Cortisone shot is only temporary. I opted for the endoscopic version of the surgery as it has a quicker recovery time and less pain, so after that I'll be in a wrist split and recovery for 10 days. As I use crutches, and usually depend on two hands to do things, this should be interesting After that depending on how my left hand does I'm going to have the same thing done on my right hand as well. My EMG didn't show that it has CTS, but the clinical diagnosis and all my symptoms (including my hands going numb at night) point to it.

Wish me luck!
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I had it done on both of mine about gosh maybe 20 years ago, never a minutes trouble sense. good Luck it shoudn't be a big deal, mine never hurt from the surgary either
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Sending lots of luck and quick recovery vibes{{{{}}}}
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That's something I'll most likely have later in life. The doc says I do not have carpal tunnel but my hands go numb on a regular basis and they "Pop" sometimes when I'm carrying something. They did all sorts of tests but nothing came up but a minor cyst.

I hope all goes well with your surgery.
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Good luck for the surgery!!!

...what is carpal tunnel?
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Originally Posted by enkeli-kitten View Post
Good luck for the surgery!!!

...what is carpal tunnel?

It happens when you do repedative work. It's better to just provide a google search for you. http://health.yahoo.com/ency/healthwise/hw213308
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I used to have a job in a REALLY cold factory opening boxes for packers during Xmas and I still have popping sensations in my fingers when its cold...
I've met loads of people with carpal tunnel and I can only hope that your surgery goes well...
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Good luck with the surgery! I have all kinds of joint trouble and I know it's not nice to live with, hopefully your surgery will clear it up and bring relief
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Yikes! In my line of work, I see lots of people with that. The people who have gone through with the surgery say they have had so much relief. I pray it's the same for you and you have a quick recovery!
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Well in my case the CTS is from my years of crutch use from putting some much pressure on my hands. Then my years of typing, bass playing with recent incorrect technique in my left hand, drumming with some bad habits in regards to my wrists, and how I position my wrists when I sleep (which recently started causing my hands to go numb at night), didn't help it
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Good luck! I hope your surgery goes very well!
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