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It's always nice to snuggle w/ your kitties

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So I'm a little down right now. Hubby and I have this teeter totter thing with emotions. He's bi-polar. And whenever his emotions are not right I also am affected.

So when he's sad, I'm happy. When he's happy..I'm sad.

Guess who's happy right now... not I.

Puff was cuddling with me until hubby brought me food. It's always amazed me how much healing animals can do for us. You ever notice that? Just cuddle up with your furbabies and somehow the weight of the world goes away.
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I can't wait to cuddle with Trout tonight!! I have been gone for 2 days and I have been all empty without her on me
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Yeah it's amazing the healing power that animals can have. I guess that's why they use them for disabled and handicaped children. They work miracles.
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I known it feels good with my girls. One day I was having some chest pains and Mooch (who weighs about 14lb) came and laid on my chest and before I knew it, I felt better. No pain! She's also started kneading my belly when I was feeling sick and that stopped too.
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I missed my babies so much when I went away over Christmas!

I just love cuddling my kitties when I feel down, they always know how to make it better
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Ive got a finnegan on my lap right now! after a loooong day at work its so nice to come home to...
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Whenever I'm feeling ill, all I have to do is THINK about my kitties, especially one in particular: Willow (the girl in my siggy). I don't know why, but Willow really seems to have a calming effect. Maybe it's because she's grey and grey seems peaceful, or maybe it's the way she moves around in life (always slowwwww, though that's just because she's afraid of coming across something scary, lol). When I think of Buffy, the effect isn't the same. Sometimes I swear I feel worse, lol (Buffy's a kitty tornado). But when I touch any of them, I feel better, no matter who it is. Molly is especially great with snuggling: she doesn't hold back, so all her weight will be crushing you, but that's still strangely comforting. And her purring is loud, so wherever she's lying, you get a nice massage, lol
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Yep, a snuggle with my Bumps always makes me feel better. Magnum, who usually doesn't bother with anyone but my BF will come and sit behind me on the sofa and stroke my hair and nuzzle into it if I am upset, that always makes me feel better too
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Indie is more for Alan and our daughter, Minx is my shadow..you know go to the bathroom and they follow kind of cat! When Im really bad with my endo Minx always seems to know and will knead my belly, she always seems to ease the pain when doing that. She also loves cuddling up to me and me to her, not that I don't love Indie, he just prefers cuddles elsewhere lol, but me and minx seem to have such a special bond, sometimes when shes laying with me she even suckles on my pyjama bottoms
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