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Funky urine smell...

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Hello everybody I am new to this board,but have been reading alot of information on it that is very useful,thank you I do have a question though and would be very grateful is anybody could help me figure out what is going on..About a year ago I got my kitty.He was an outdoor kitty that had been very neglected and abused. Within the first 3 months of having him,I spent over $1,000 on getting all of his rotted teeth removed and a surgey for a clogged urethra..Now he is smelling very strongly of urine and I am wondering if its the problem coming back or if its just a bladder or kidney infection?? Help I am at a loss! I am so broke,especially right after Christmas,I cant afford another $650.00 surgery! I have him on Science Diet C/D for urinary tract problems,can anybody think of anything else I can do without having another surgery?
Any help would be appreciated,thank you
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Is he a longhair? He could just be dribbling on his fur. Also how much water is he drinking? Strong urine smell could be just very concentrated urine. If you don't have a pet fountain would advise you buy one. If he had surgery would your vet do a free recheck? You might ask- If he is longhair, clipping his fur a bit might help. Is he neutered?
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Hi thank you very much for your reply..My kitty is neutered and he does have long hair..I trimmed the fur back there,so I am not sure if that is the problem or not..What exactly is a pet fountain,I am willing to do whatever it takes to get him back to normal. Thank you so much for your help,I appreciate it..
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A pet fountain is something like this

I think with urinary problems, you want the cat to drink as much water as possible and sometimes a fountain will do a better job at getting the cat interested in drinking more.
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I put one of my Drinkwell's in the MIL's house and her one female that had very strong smelling urine is drinking a lot more now which has taken care of a bit of that strong odor now. I have two fountains in my house for the cats. Most cats seems to like them really well. Some require a little time to get used to them.

Welcome to the TCS!
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Thank you all so much for your help! I was at a loss,I am going to go buy one of those pet fountains tommorow,I think that would work well..Again thank you,I voted for your kitty Sassy,thats my other kitties name!
Thanks again for the welcome to the forum,I appreciate the help everybody..
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Is your cat neutered? If he is over a year old, he is sexually mature, and tomcat pee smells worse than other cat pee.
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Call you vet and see if you can bring in a urine sample to have checked for infection or crystals. You should be able to do that without an appointment and it should only cost $20-30 for the urinalysis (plus medications if needed), and it's far better to catch any problems before they become a blockage.
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Vet's use odors as diagnostic tools - I would suggest a urine sample and vet visit. One sniff and your Vet may know what the problem is!
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Thank you all so much for your help! I am going to get a urine sample from him,any idea of how I would go about doing that? Should I just take all the litter out,I am not sure he would still go pee if I did that..I will probably just end up taking him to the Vet..Thank you all again,you have been too kind
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