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litter decision

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hi hi
Here's my situation:
I have 2 cats. Chester is 2 and Dynah is 3 months old. The 3 of us are moving the day after tomorrow.
Chester is easy going about his litter. If you give it to him and it's granulated he'll go (corn, clay, whatever).
Dynah was hand raised by my sister and I. She grew up with yesterdays news. The moment she was able to try the clumping clay that my parents have she was hooked. She would hold it all night and run down to the litter pan as soon as I opened the door. I tried to put some corn litter in her pan instead, and she used it a couple of times, but has gone back to her old habit.
Something tells me that I'm stuck with clay, even though I'd rather have corn.

So here's the question...because I need to do some quick learning.
A) do you think I can pull the conversion off if I only offer the corn in the new apartment?
B) if the answers no, what sort of clumping clay do you recomend to a poor student?
I'm going to have to make the decision tomorrow and pick up litter if needed.

Thanks for your input.
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Originally Posted by Sylorna View Post
A) do you think I can pull the conversion off if I only offer the corn in the new apartment?
I think so! When we got Shachar, we decided to switch him to Feline Pine, which was a major diversion from his regular clumping litter. I put his litter in the bathroom and kept him in the bathroom until he began to use it consistently. He "held it" for a while, but when he realized it was either use the FP or go on the floor, he chose the FP and has never had any trouble since then. We've been slowly trying to get our other cat, Arek, used to this as well, but things have been a bit more difficult for him as he's always had litter box problems. I think that if you don't give her any other choice, she'll be fine, but I'd leave her in the bathroom with it at first, until she proves herself.
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I'd get Cat Attract when you move, to remind both of them that this is the litter box.

The added cost is worth it since the cat won't 'go' elsewhere' and you change the box less often than with clay.
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I think she will be fine. As the other have said keep her in the bathroom with the litter of ytour choice and she will eventually go.

If cats could talk I think Ceci would have told me off a long time ago. When she was first rescued her foster mom used a Sams Club litter. I didnt know the first thing about buying litter so I went to Walmart and bought the first thing I saw (Special Kitty..UGH!). Ceci almost burst before using it. When I finally realized it wasnt clumping I went back and bought A&H Super Scoop. After about 3 weeks the smell nauseated me and I wanted to try Feline Pine. Mind you its a very drastic change but she used it just fine.

THEN I decided to switch from FP because she was going through a months supply in a week. I bought Fresh Results and she went fine. When I went back for another box they didnt have any available so I got a big tub of Tidy Cats multiple cats Super Scoop. I think i've found a winner.

And to put icing on the cat, when I switched to Tidy Cats I also bought a covered box. I put her in, and she went just fine! Now all I need to figure out is how to attach the flap and still have her go in
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Now that's the kind of opinions a girl likes to hear!
"just use the stuff that you already have and like" hahaha

I thought about bringing one of our old or getting a new covered box, but actually I prefer the ones with the little lip that clips on. It keeps the litter in the box and is easier to get into to clean. To each his own though...I really like the look of those tidy cats ones that are sort of a translucent blue....geez...designer boxes! (now that I think of it, there was one in those colours at the petstore today, but in the style that I like and I didn't give it a second look )

Ok, well wish us well on our moving day! Dynah got her new tag today and is getting used to wearing a collar as we speak!

Talk to you guys in a week or 2
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