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My little binger - advice needed please

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OK, Oliver is about 4 and he has a problem with bingeing. He doesn't chew his food, swallows it whole and then guess what. He pukes it right back up. I'm guessing he swallows air or something.
I'm not sure if I should've posted this here but it's not a health problem. He's been checked out several times and the vet says this is normal. Some cats just barf a lot. He kind of goes through phases. He'll puke 1-3 times a day for a week and then go 2 weeks without puking. I'm tired of cleaning it up. Any advice?
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I would certainly try him on different foods (gradually introduced by mixing with 'old' food (especially one you know doesn't provoke problems) as he may be allergic to some things (or at least react badly to them) whether it's major ingredients or additives.
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Changing the food is the best thing to do for Oliver...some people also recommend putting marbles in the dish so that the cat has to 'eat around' them and take more time to eat (my upstairs neighbours said "Soleil (middle cat) would just eat the marbles.")
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Thanks.. I have already changed his food once, do you really recommend changing it again? Does anyone have any recommendations for food?
I read also that elevating his food dishes might help?
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I wouldn't recommend changing the food if you have been to the vet and they confirmed there is nothing wrong 'health' wise and you can see he is just eating too fast.

Elevating the bowl helps as sometimes (especially if they are bigger (or even just taller) cats) it hurts them to bend over to eat and they can't swallow properly so they just try and get it over with.

Also putting some small clean rocks in a small bowl with their food to make it harder for them to get the food will slow him down a bit too.

If after that he is still puking, I would have the vet do some allergy tests, no point changing food until you know what he is allergic to.
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