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Moody Wilbur

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Although this may seem like a minor concern, I wanted to throw this out to you for your advice.

I brought home my new kitten, Milo, in November, and up to this point he and his "big brother" Wilbur have been getting along. Roughhousing, snuggling, licking each other, etc. All is well.

Honestly, I don't know if cats can get holiday mood swings (!), but Wilbur seems to be sick and tired of Milo. I can certainly understand this because Milo worships Wilb and follows him around constantly. Other times, Wilbur would just jump to a place where Milo can't reach to get away from him, but now, he is HISSING and GROWLING every time Milo comes near him. Poor Milo doesn't know what to think.

On top of that, I don't think Wilbur has pooped over the past day or so. Maybe that's causing his moodiness? I gave him some hairball goo to lick up, so maybe that'll help him go. Wilb also has colitis and I have been seeing some blood recently. THEN....(because by now I'm getting totally paranoid)...it seems like Wilb's eyes are glassy and blah.

HOWEVER, he was eating both wet and dry food today, and has been drinking well. I also had him playing with Da Bird and he was flipping around like normal. I just want to see him poop and stop hissing at his brother!!

Again, sorry if all of this sounds like a non-event, but I don't know whether Wilb's just tuckered out from the holidays and wants "alone time" or if there is something more going on (especially since I *think* he hasn't pooped in a day or two).

Any advice? In case you haven't figured it out yet, I'm a worrier.
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How old is Milo and is he neutered? While some adult cats simply get tired by the antics of kittens, some adults will start showing more aggression to a youngster that is beginning to mature.

Another thought - Christmas is a time where humans may be having fun, but often you change your routine. Wilbur may also be stressed out by the changes that come with Christmas.

Give Wilbur his space to escape from the kitten, get the kitten neutered, and get back to a routine. It doesn't sound like a serious problem.

You are a worrier?!?!? Then you are the perfect pet owner. Good for you!!!
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Yes, both Wilbur and Milo are neutered. Milo is 5-1/2 months, and Wilbur is almost 4.

I'm hoping all Wilb needs is some "down time." I just wish he liked to snuggle, 'cause I'd snuggle with him all day.
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Very good on the neutering!!

Blood in the stool with colitis is usually a sign of stress. Just bringing in a new kitten, regardless of how well they get along can trigger a bit of stress.

It sounds like poor Wilbur does need some private time. Kittens at that age can be so overwhelming at times. He's making a statement to Milo that he wants to be left alone when he hisses. Adult cats are the best teachers for kittens. If Milo picks up on this, Wilbur is doing a good job training him.

It sounds like you have 2 wonderful boys!
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Watch your litter box carefully, for signs of Wilber using it. Kitties can get constipated and very much out of sorts because they are not feeling their best. I have had to take one of my cats (age 5) to the Vets for an enema, I had never heard of a constipated kitty, but my Vet said it was pretty normal. She was very agrivated with my other two cats prior to having the enema, but when she got home she was as normal as could be! If Wilber continues to be out of sorts for a few days, I would take him to the Vet to be checked.
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Weebie pooped! Weebie pooped!

Thanks, ladies, for your suggestions. I still plan on keeping an eagle-eye out for Wilbur's deposits , but hopefully he's feeling better now.

And as far as the hissing and growling at baby Milo, unless appendanges start being torn off, I guess I'll let the boys sort out their own issues. Milo has definitely kept his distance when he's been growled at! (But then earlier this afternoon they were on my bed cleaning each others' face!)

I guess I was a bit miffed at Wilbur's recent behavior because I thought they had already had this pecking order thing figured out. Learn something new every day.

Thanks again.
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