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What is it, Mom

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Sissy hears it and goes into stalking mode:

I found it...but what is it?

Hey guys!! come see what I found...

I think it is a really big mouse!!

Actually I was pup-sitting my daughters Corgi pup, Miss Foxy, and this was her first intro to cats...
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She is a cuite! The Corgi I played with at Petland was so hyper!!!
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oh wow! what a little doll! my sister kimmy used to have a corgie named Emma- she was a sweetheart!
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Cute cute cute! They all look like they got along!
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Great pics!
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What cute pics
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those r some cute photos
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Cute babies!

Love the pics!
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Aw, soooooooo cute
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Very cute! The poor little thing must have felt outnumbered!
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Sissy looks just like one of my parents kitties
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was the dog absolutley terrified to be surrounded by so many cats? Or did he enjoy playing with them, as puppies are generally curious and playful.
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aww.....I dont think I´ve ever seen a corgi pup, how cute She seems to be OK with all those kitties
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