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Wednesday DT

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I'm in a bit of shock. Mark and I have been playing phone tag and, last night, he got through to me.

The wedding has been postponed, for a little bit. The big news is that I'm going to be a grandmother, in May. They just found out, yesterday and I was the first one that they told. They are both scared to death, to tell her parents. Her father is a minister.

Mark says that he and Samantha are OK with it. They have a place to live and she's got good insurance, through her job. Mark sounded very mature about it.

Bill is excited about being "Grandpa". I have a hunch that, left to himself, he'll spoil the kid rotten. Bill likes Mark a lot and respects him for sticking with Samantha.

Oh, well, I've got a few months to absorb this.

Have a good one, all.
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What a somber day it is. On the way to work, one of the local radio stations had the Houston Fire Department on to play Amazing Grace on the bagpipes. Tears started to fall down my face. Then I heard the Speech given by President Bush, followed by the moment of silence. As I'm trying to dry up my eyes, the National Anthem comes on and my eyes start to flood again and as I'm trying to dry those tears up, I pass an elementary school and the teachers are hanging tributes the students made along the school's fence. The whole fence was covered in memorials and tributes the students made. I couldn't help but let more tears fall; what compassion from such little people.

In the lobby of the building I work in, building management was handing out ribbon stickers for everyone to wear. With my recent move, I had no idea where my flag pin was and am proudly wearing this red, white and blue, stars and stripes, ribbon sticker.

I looked out our 14th floor windows and see the that the construction site across the street is using one of their giant cranes to fly our nations flag. The crane is standing straight up and the flag is level with our 14th floor; I'm looking at the flag right now.

I wish I had thought of taking the day off to go to one of the memorial services in the city or that we may leave work early today to spend time with our families on this day.

God bless America and all the countries around the globe that have supported us throughout the past year.
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Wow, Cindy, that's some pretty big news! I know this must be a shock for you but I know once it has set in you will be excited. Congratulations Grandma to be.
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I ment to merge the Wednesday DT into the 9/11 Daily Thread, but I did it the other way around. Sorry about that.
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Well - I am finally caught up from my weeks holidays! Boy you guys were busy on the site! I had a great time at the cottage, but Sugarly restarted her behavioural problems when we returned!

We found out yesterday that my mother in law doesn't have cancer again, but she does have tuberculosis. Hubby and I now have to get tested. TB is very dangerous for her as she only has 1 lung.

We are have some 9/11 remeberance here today, especially since I work in a Federal governemt building. All of our flags are at half staff.

I hope everyone has a safe and peace filled day!
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Its pretty quiet here at work today. I think alot of people stayed home today to watch the ceremonies and spend time with their families. We had a moment of silence at 8:46 today outside by the flag pole, then we had another moment of silence at 10:26. Someone announced it over the PA system and said a few words.

I'm really bored here and tired.

Katl8e-congratulations on becoming a new grandma soon! You must be so excited!
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Cindy!!! Congrats on being a grandma soon!!!!!!

Sabra, your post was very touching and beautiful.

Ady, sorry to hear about your mother-in-law.

Not much going on here...been watching the 9-11 tributes on TV most of the day.

I figured out that if I had two children to watch everyday (besides my own) and sold my new car, I could stay home with my baby and not have to go back to work till she went to preschool in 4 years.
I could get $75 for each child, so that would be $150 a week coming in, and without my car payment, we could jsut barely make it.

Problem is...I have to go back to work in 2 weeks, (Ive had this job for 13 years) and I only know of one child in this area that I could watch during the day...that would be one of my best friends babies, she is due in December 7th and is planning on going back to work, so I could watch her son, starting around the end of January...but with only one child, I can't afford it. If I could only find one other child to watch, I could swing it....barely. But we live out in the country, so noone from town would bring there child clear out here, especially in bad weather, so it has to be a child who lives in the area, and I can't think of any. I would also miss my new car so much, and would have to drive the old one, that is a 91, and over 100,000 miles on it, and has a big dent in the side. But I could do that, just for 4 more years, and not have car payments. Then after 4 years I could get a job, and eventually buy another new car.
But....since can't find another child to watch, there is no point in even dreaming about it. Oh how I would love to stay home with Amber everyday and not send her to the sitters, and also we are working mandatory overtime at my job soon, or so I have been told, so I will only have 1 day a week with her, since I will be forced to work on Saturdays as well.
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Pretty intense day today. I saw so many flags flying everywhere on the way to work today. I wore red, white and blue today...so did alot of other people at work. My thoughts kept drifting back to the 9-11 attacks last year. Maybe because I watched so much on TV last night and on the news this morning. If I still feel this sad about it a year later...I can't imagine how those who lost loved ones in the attack must still feel.

Debby- I feel for you! Maybe you could watch one child and find something that you could do at home to make a little money? I know that I always see ads for people to do work at home for companies...stuffing envelopes and such. Or maybe get into selling something? Like Avon or something? You could drive up to your current place of work and drop off catalogs once a week? I don't know just brainstorming. What type of work do you do? You could also look into maybe getting a certificate in medical transcription. My sister-in-law did that a few years ago so she could stay at home with her children. She was able to work at home and she was making enough money that, even when the girls were in school all day, she kept her at-home job because she was happy with the money she was making and didn't have to get out of her pajamas!!! Hope you find something that will make you happy.
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It's late, but before I turn off the computer, I have to say God bless all those who bravely gave their lives to save others-all those dear souls on flight 93 and the firefighters and police officers in NYC. I feel certain that those who died in the towers, the pentagon, and flight 93 are in the arms of God, glowing in His light and perfect love. I pray that those who lost loved ones have been comforted by this loving God, and I hope that knowing that our hearts are with them is some small comfort to them also. I'm so grateful that the misguided men who backed those unspeakable events did not strike as we mourned our loved ones. I pray that their eyes are opened to the truth, that they are not doing God's will when they slaughter His children. I'm grateful for our allies, who are ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with us to fight evil. I thank God for our beloved country. God bless America.
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I work at a nursing home and my employer decided to commerate the first anniversary of 9/11 by allowing us to wear red, white and blue clothing instead of our usual uniforms.

We have a large TV in the lobby and many of the resident's have TV sets in their rooms. While I was working I was able to watch different parts of the cermonies, but never for more than a couple of minutes. I was also at work last year when the attacks happened and I got the initial news by watching the different TVs for a few minutes at a time...
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OOPS...almost forgot, there are so many flags being displayed just in my neighborhood alone today. I saw one house which had a full size flag and red, silver and blue gazing balls in another part of the yard, it was really pretty! And the most flags I saw in any one yard today was three!!

Have a nice night!
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