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I hope you are all having.....

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A wonderful christmas! Since its not boxing day I thought Id pop on to say I hope your christmas day was filled with laughs and love and you got everything you wished for.
I hope you are also going to have a lovely day today.
Yesterday was a very busy day for us! We woke up, opened our presents to each other - I got an Ipod from Mark!!!!!
Then we went over to Marks parents house and got our presents from them, then we went over to my Mums and got our presents from them and spent the rest of the day there and had our meal. We then went to Marks parents friends house, where they had spent the day, to join them for a drink and some party games.
Today we are going through everything we received and writing thankyou cards! I don't plan on getting dressed anytime soon!
Hope you are all having a fantastic time merry christmas
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Sounds like you're having a great Christmas! We did too!
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I had a wonderful Christmas. Lee gave me a Camelback hydration pack for my biking adventures, and I got a pink RAZR and an engraved bracelet from my parents. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!
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Hi Lauren! I hope you had a great x-mas too! Glad to see you got everything you wanted! What a great BF you have!!! I hope Sleeves & Nismo made it onto Santa's nice list! Did they have a nice holiday too?!
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Same good wishes to you Laureen, Merry Christmas!
We spend a terrific and quiet time!
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Hope all had a great Christmas! Boxing Day here - daughter and step-daughter have headed out first thing this morning to hit the mall! We did Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve and then visiting yesterday - it was great!
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