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Meet Bundy's Furbabies

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Okay I warned you all. Here are the pics hehehehehe (mad laughter)

I am not sure how to post more than one at a time though. I'll try but otherwise you'll get a few posts

I'll intro them one at a time.

First up ladies and gentlemen we have HARRY!!!

Harry (No Nut's No Gut's) Sorry that was rude, I should stop calling him that.
I love him to death. He is such a sook.
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Heressssssss Harry
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Double damm ............ Stop laughing this is embarrasing!!!
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That was hard work okay here we go Hereeeeesssss Hayley.
Hayley goes nuts when the mobile phone rings, I mean it she chireps and meows and bits it and drools on it and everything. I think shes been waiting on a call for a long time.
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I just borrowed this one I hope I don't get in trouble but I just wanted you guys to see it.....isn't it just the cutest????
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Beautiful cats Leslie!
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Amy just opened our bedroom cupboard and I found her sitting in the corner. I have the other cupboard near my bed (single size so nice and snug out of the way etc) all set up with a box and towels t-shirts etc and she decides she wants the cupboard that is always in use gee wizz what am I to do. I think it's going to be a long night.
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No need to borrow any other pics. Yours are just adorable! Harry reminds me of my Joey.
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Thanks Deb.

I love this one of Harry and Hayley together, they look very hapy and comfortable don't they?
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Harry and Hayley look adorable!!! Are they Bengals? I love cats with those kind of markings. Welcome to the cat site!
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What beautiful kitties you have! I can't wait to see pics of Amy and her new kittens when they arrive. From what you just said about her in the cupboard, it sounds like it's close.
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Thank you Spooky and valanhb

They are much bigger now. I have recent Photos but not on digital so I have to find someone to scan them in to the pc as I don't have a scanner.

*are they Bengals - on they are domestics through and through. but they both do have beautiful markings

I finally found a picture of Amy so her she is. It doesn't really do her justice as it's blurry but it's a start.
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What a beautiful girl Amy is! I'm sure she will have beautiful babies, too.
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Very cute pics... thanks for sharing!
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Leslie - they are lovely and look well loved! Keep the pics coming.
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Thanks Heidi, Lizza and Adrienne Amy is gorgeous, I am trying to find another one I came across a stack of photos in the PC that I didn't even know about. Pete said he took them when he had the work digital home cause he needed it for his first appointment in the morning. And he pretends not to fuss over them. I wonder why there are photos then?????

This one isn't very clear either. I just love her marking, I will capture her face as soon as I can get a digital again it really is beautiful.
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Harry and Hayley having fun. She was and is such a bossy boots. Poor Harry just puts up with it.
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Bundylee!!!!! Your babies are so CUTE!!
Wow, Amy is a tiny thing!! How is she doing today?

Hope you send some pics to Anne for the "Caption This" contest...
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Hey Kimmy,

How you doing? Thank you, I think they are cute too LOL. Harry and Hayley are much bigger now though. I really need to get a digital camera. *sigh*

Still no kittens but she has gone very quiet and hsa been spending time in her nesting box. Just had to chase Harry out of there again this morning. Perhaps he is keeping it warm for her LOL. he is such a sook but he got into a hugh fight last night. He had tufts of fur sticking out but otherwise is intact. God knows what the other cat looks like. He is naughty. He didn't want to come in last night so I gave up and left him out. I hate that.

Had my cuppa this morning. I feel good na na na na na nah! Hmmmm perhaps I should go have another.
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Hey bundylee - not to sound redundant...but How's little Amy today? I can't wait to hear you announce the birth of the littlen's....Come on! you can do it Amy....this year!

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If I could swear on this I would
I can't believe she hasn't popped them out yet I mean come on what is she an elephant?????? How can I be so wrong???? when the hell is she going to have them?????? Urrrrggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is huge! I mean HUGE!!!!! I am now taking bets from people I know on when it will be and how many kittens LOL. I am getting very worried she is going to have a big litter. Poor baby. I just want her to have them ween them and get fixed so she doesn't do this again. I have decided I am not going to breed my Russian Blue just show her cause I can't stand the stress and strain. She is getting lot's of little treats and her vitamins and pats and kitty milk, I think she is holding on so she can get more f the good stuff she so obviously has been misssing out on before I got her. LOL. Don't worry, as I said to Deb you will all have a heart attack when I finally post


Stay tuned buddy and be strong for me. :tounge2:
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Bundylee -

I will keep you and BIG AMY in my thoughts this weekend. HEY...maybe she'll have BIG kittens instead of a big litter...<grin>
Hmmm - they should have their eye opened the day she delivers...LOL!!!

I will be attending the Photoshop World Conference for the next 3 days...the catsite's probably sick of me anyway......everyone will probably appreciate a break from my big YAP anyway.

I will be looking forward to popping BACK in here Sunday to hear the GOOD NEWS ABOUT little AMY <grin>

I'll keep you both in my thoughts and prayers!!! She'll hatch em' soon and then I will be SO JEALOUS!! <grin>

Talk to you later!!
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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Kimmy don't leave us!!!!!!!! we will miss you. Amy said to tell you she can't do it without you been there.

Oh well we might be able to get in a few coffee jokes while you are away hehehehe! :tounge2:

Have a great time, I look forward to hearing how it went and telling you some good news about the kittens.

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