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sneezing blood?

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I have a new 10 week old kitten named Rumble. I picked him out of a room full of kitties with URI's at a local shelter. The lady at the shelter gave him some vaccination before we left and us home with a bottle of liquid amoxycillin. Rumble is becoming very accustomed to his new house; he is rambunxious and playful, he loves to talk and snuggle.. he is a sucker for attention! The only problem is all of his sneezing. He sneezes several times in a row (as many as 10 times sometimes) and blows boogers everywhere, big nasty boogers, and a lot of the times they're bloody. I've never had a sick kitty before so I'm very worried about him. From what I've read, he could have Herpes or the Cat Flu, and I understand both of these are permanent... He eats a mix of wet and dry kittn food ALL THE TIME and drinks a decent amount of water, so I know he's not dehydrated. I'm just wondering if anyone else has been in this situation before and could give me some pointers. I would REALLY appreciate any help! : )
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Sneezing blood is not a good sign. I suggest he be seen by a vet as soon as possible.
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You can check for blockages in the nose. If you have a small flash light, shine it in his mouth. You want to see if the light signs out of his ears & nose.
It could be the cold, just like humans when their nose is irritated from sneezing. I saw that petco or petsmart sell nose drops for cats, just a saline solution. You can also put the cat in the bathroom when you shower.
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Sneezing blood sounds nasting I tihnk you should take your cat to the vet as soon as possible and I hope hes ok
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it sounds like some kind of URI and a bad one; please get him to a vet!
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It could be a number of things,but he really needs to see a vet soon as you can get him thee,it also could be feline lukemia,did they have him checked for it,before they give him shots,there is also a disease that affects thesinuses,and it doesn't go away,but really,he needs checked.
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The blood could be something simple or it could be something really bad. Best to get it checked out. His sneezing could have ruptured a blood vessel and is causing a bit of the blood.
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Get him to a vet..it is a symptom of consideration. If there's thick mucus (OK gobbers y'know) it means there's an infection. As to what it is ask a vet. One of my cats has allergies and when she gets a sneezing spell there'll be a bit of blood mixed in with a clear discharge b/c the sinus gets irritated.
But in your case I hope your kitty will see a vet, an infection can scalate rapidly..best of luck and pls keep us updated
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Any updates? Are you going to the vet?
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