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Persians and Himmis need help!

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These poor babies got caught in a backyard breeders web. If anyone can help through donations, fostering or adotpion the information follows the article.
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The mats on those poor cats... Totally uncared for, and probably going to have to be shaved under sedation, what with their poor socialization...

Let's hope someone will take them in and care for them. How's the supply of foster homes in your area?
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Im not sure of any of the details except for what has been updated on that web site. I am on a cat rescue mailing list that cross posts to several rescue and foster groups for injured, lost, emergency situations with cats and dogs.

I just recieved this info to night. I will be calling tomorrow to find out more information. I talk with a girl from a rescue group quite often that was helping me when I found a stray cat. At that time back in the summer, the fosters in the area were completely packed full. Im just really not sure what the situation is with fosters right now, but should know more tomorrow.
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that is so sad they look horrible! those poor babies. they will certainly need shaving under sedation...

oh i wish i was closer. but i am gonna be sending a donation.
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Some vets came by and picked the 30 worse looking cats and moved them to the vet clinic to be sedated, shaved, dewormed, tested, vaccinated and spay/neutered.

There are still many cats left with the person who did this to them because of lack of space. But they will be going back with law enforcement to get the remaining cats when they can get the cats they have now in a safe place.

As always there is a shortage of money, volunteers, fosters and adoptees.
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They only have 2 volunteers working on this tragic situation. They have asked me if I can help them with socailizing these cats. I have never done anything like this at all. Does anyone have any pointers to please give me????????????
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Bless you for becoming involved The pics of those huddled, frightened cats was HEARTBREAKING My notion of Perisans is that they are very companionable cats, which will be a big plus in socializing them. Confinement will be very important for them; it allows them to feel safe sooner, and they can gradually expand their "safe space". Also, cats are very intuitive and will pick up on any dismay or other sad feelings, so try to forget their past suffering when you see them; remind yourself that you are very glad that they are safely in your care and that the future for them can look exciting and full of wonderful potential - that creates a positive mood that will help calm the cats. And use Feliway diffusers, if you can. And PM Hissy - she has the most incredible insight plus the experience to offer just the right ideas - her ideas helped me to convert an abused cat who lived in a cupboard underneath the bedroom closet into a real lap cat
Please keep us posted. I will try to forward the story to my sister - she is a big Persian fan (her Rebeka was 21yrs. when she was PTS) and currently has only her 4 rescues (she adopted several cats from her Humane Society to make room at the shelter for Katrina cats). Meanwhile sending {{{prayers and vibes}}} out to those gorgeous cats and their rescuers
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I am sending many prayers for these babies
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That is absolutely Heart Braking, It just makes me furious. Thank God someone is stepping in trying to make a difference. It is so hard for me to even try to imagne someone doing that to them. I should not have evn looked at it
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People who can effectively assist in this situation have been notified. Multiple foster homes have been located, vets have been provided to offer their help and it looks like there might be a light at the end of the tunnel here.

Those of you who are heartsick over this situation should know that this type of living conditions exist for millions of animals caught in kitty mills and puppy mills worldwide. If you even think that a reclusive neighbor of yours might be involved in this heinous crime, please alert the proper authorities. No animal should be forced to live in such neglectful circumstances as these cats found themselves in.
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Thank you for the update IMO, well, I can't say, except in the IMO Forum ....., except that those wonderful rescuers and the cats will be in my thoughts and prayers - there are some serious challenges in the near future ahead, but the rewards will outweigh the frustrations
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Well, let's just say that any of us who are aware of a kitten or puppy mill are not going to look the other way--I know these TCS people, and you just don't want to be a neglectful breeder anywhere near us.

Maybe the cats' easygoing Persian genes will allow them to adjust more quickly...
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