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Sorry, I just need to vent!

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I just got off the phone with all my sisters and mom, dad and I miss them I miss my family. I'm at my mil's and it's hard.(She can be trying. and I'll leave it at that)! We have had 2 christmases with her since we've been married 6 yrs and I've had none with my side all the other Christmases we both had to work. This is the first really Christmas that we've had off. Next year we're going to my side. Okay, the vent is over.

Happy Holidays!
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I'm sorry you feel sad! I'm sure it must be hard missing your family these past few days. I hope you had a great Christmas anyway!
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Well, I hope you do get to go to your side of the family next year! I take it you all don't live close together?
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I know how you feel (and I am dreading my long distance bill this month )

At least you will get to spend next Christmas with them
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Aw, its hard not to be with your family for Christmas I know..here are some hugs for ya...I hope you're feeling better today
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Both of my kids are married so we have learned to share, to me it's not the day that matters, it is just being with the ones that you love.
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Oh I'm sorry for you. Three Christmases ago DH took me to spend it with my family. I hadn't had one with my dad, grandparents, cousins, etc since I was 11. Most of the others since he and I have been together have been with his family because the chances of bad weather are far less where they live. It was so special to spend that time with my family. Actually this year was kind of nice too because we didn't travel anywhere! Havn't done that in 5 years either. Well the Christmas he wasn't here doesn't count! But as nice as it was, it was quiet and different too.
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I'm just glad that BOTH my side and my BF's side of the family is in the same town as us. This year we had Christmas Eve Dinner with my side of the family at my mom's house and spent Christmas day with my BF's side of the family at his dad's house.
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