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Please say a little prayer for Milo

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I had to take him to the vet's at midnight last night and the vet diagnosed very bad tonsillitis. TONSILLITIS???? I didn't even know cats had tonsils, lol. Anyway, his throat was so sore he wouldn't eat or drink so he's been on a drip in hospital for the last 12 hours. I rang a little while ago and they've put him on anti-inflammatories and pain meds as well, so hopefully he'll be feeling a little better soon.

Just thought your prayers and thoughts might help him along a bit, this board has worked so many times before in helping out sick people and pets.
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I didn't think they could get that either. It sounds like they are taking really good care of him. It sounds like he will be home again in no time curled up in your lap and enjoying all the love and attension. I wonder if you will have to give him jello and ice-cream? :tounge2: I think he'd love that. You'll have to find some non dairy ice-cream though.

Let us know how he goes.

Me and the furbabies are sending you healing thoughts
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Aw poor baby!!! I didn't think they could get that either, but there ya go!! Learn something new everyday!!! Hoping he'll make a speedy recovery!!! Love and Hugs
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Aww, I'm sending positive thoughts over there so Milo is feeling better really soon!
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Hope Milo is up and around soon!
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I hate tonsillitis! I hope he feels well soon!
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Poor baby! I hope he gets to feeling better soon. Will he have to be on antibiotics?
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The poor love! Healing energies to you both!
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Oh poor Milo!!!! I said a prayer just now for him...have you heard anymore news on how he is doing? I wouldn't have thought of sore tonsils either!!! Was he just not eating or drinking, so you took him in, or were there any other signs?
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Ooooh poor little kitty! How is Milo doing now? Has he come home from the vets yet?
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Oh poor Milo! Hope he is doing a little better now. My thoughts and prayers are with your little guy.

Jedi sends his love and best wishes too!
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The vet brought him home late this afternoon and he's very happy to be home. His throat still seems to be sore but he's eating and drinking a little.

Bundylee, he's had a little bit of my icecream tonight. Shhh...don't tell!

sfell, yep he's on antibiotic drops. He'll have two courses, one after another. He would usually have pills but drops are much more comfortable for him to swallow.

Debby, yes, he wasn't eating or drinking and also gagging randomly. Also he just looked all wrong, not like his usual self, you know how us mums of furbabies can just tell when something is really wrong?

So, I thought you'd like to know that he's on the mend and being cuddled and spoilt as much as possible.
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Wow! Cats can get tonsillitis - who'da thunk it? :eye&mouth
I am glad to hear little Milo is feeling better - poor baby!

My Peanut had an upper respiratory lung infection once and I remember thinking how strange it was to see a cat with a runny nose....It was like taking care of a human baby....I followed him around the house with a box of tissues.

Hmmmm, maybe that is why he attacks and destroys bathroom tissue occasionally:goodbad:
I guess that 's one way for a cat to "Express Himself"
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So glad to hear Milo is doing much better! I'm sure he will be back to his old self now in no time!!!
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Poor baby! I remember how miserable I was when I had tonsilitis, I can't even imagine a kitty going through that. I'm glad he's home and with his loving Mum, though. Here's to a speedy recovery for Milo!
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Great news about Milo. So glad he's feeling a little better now. Which I'm sure makes you feel better as well.

XOXO from Jedi!
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:icecream: :icecream: :icecream:
For little Milo.......
along with my best wishes for a speedy recovery!
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That's great news! A speedy recovery to Milo!
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Any updates on Milo today?
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Yep, Milo is doing well today, although he's begun to sneeze and have a runny nose. He got cat flu when he was tiny, before his first vaccinations and now he gets the flu every now and again, so it's possible he's developing a touch of that. He's on the antibiotics, Clavulox, so that should nuke the cat flu (if he's getting it) as well as the tonsillitis. He's started to eat a little of his dry food today and swallowed it without too much trouble. One of his favourites is roo meat (I know, eeewwww!) so he had that for dinner tonight and loved it!
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