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Cat Biting Tip of Tongue...

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Hi Guys,

My Timber and Noel are hanging on still for those of you that have been in touch with me in the past. I was wondering though if anyone has ever had a cat that bit the tip of their tongue? I noticed today Timber was biting the tip of her tongue. I had to take her to the ER yesterday as she was crying in pain in her abdomen and was having trouble walking. They could not figure out what was wrong with her and wanted to do an ultrasound but it would have been $800 to do it. They did an Xray and on that they saw that the small intestines are not visible. The vet said it could be a mass or it could be something very easily curable. I just could not afford $800 right now. She goes to see her oncologist tomorrow and I am hoping she can make it. I am so afraid something is really wrong with her. Does anyone have any insight? Has anyone experienced the biting of the tip of the tongue behavior? Thanks in advance.

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Sorry can't help but wanting to send you good vibes and hope all goes well for your poor kitty.

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It kind of sounds like she has fluid build up in her chest, but that's just a guess. Biting the tongue might be an early sign of breathing trouble or it could be something else entirely. I don't know your kitty's history, but I wish you the best for your vet visit tomorrow.
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