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Kitties need a home

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Hello again everyone. I could really use some advice. About a week ago I found a mommy and 4 babies in our yard. Saturday night I found the mommy at our entrance apparently shot. Probably by some neighborhood boys we have trouble with. I took in the babies and altho I really would like to keep them all I cannot. We have 2 already and my oldest had a miscarriage in June and has since been pretty mean. Even more so since the babies are here. My problem is I wont take them to the shelter and I would like to find them all homes myself instead of pushing them off on someone else. I have advertised at the vets office and at the school my children attend with no serious interest yet. I have a week from Friday to find them homes or my husband says he is taking them to his moms in the counrty. We all know what will happen there. They are very healthy with no fleas and I go Monday to get their wormer. If you can help with some ideas I would appreciate it, or if there is anyone in my area (about 50 miles North of K.C. MO ) that would like one please let me know. I guess that they are about 3 week old Tiger kitties. There are 3 boys and 1 girl. Thanks for all the help.
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The babies if they are old enough to be away from needing full time care, would do okay in a no-kill shelter. There is one in Topeka that might be able to help you. Some of them have great foster programs in place. Here is the link:Topeka No-Kill

I love ferals and have over a dozen, if you were close to me I would take them and re-home them, but you are clear across the country from me. If the only alternative is to take them to a not so great home in the country, I hope you will reconsider and take them to a No-Kill Shelter.
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There is a vet on Wornall Rd. in Kansas City that has several foster mothers that will help with kittens. I wish I could remember the name of the clinic, but you could get it from the phone book. Give him a call.
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I can't be of any real help here, but just wanted you to know I'm sending prayers out to you. What an angel you are for helping these little ones!
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How horrifying that someone shot the momma cat. I hope she died fast with little pain.

Bravo to you for rescuing the babies. I hope you find some help soon.
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or some type of fostering situation...SOON hon! I foster myself via my local no kill kitty shelter. So even if the no kill shelter in your area doesn't have room they may have a line on someone willing to foster them. Good luck hon and keep us posted. I'm very sorry to hear of that lil' mama kitty, and she had babies to! How outrageous, if I knew who did it I'd call the cops if I were you. Keep us posted!


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Thanks for all the help everyone.
I "sold" one baby tonight, my tiniest boy found a great home. I told Amber on the phone I wanted $25.00 for him. When she came with her parents to choose him I told her to spend the money on food and toys or whatever. I just didn't want anyone off the streets to get a baby and mistreat them.
I have a good idea who shot Mommy. Noone saw anything so they got away THIS time. I'll be watching from now on. I had a ceremony for her and promised her I would take over for her. We buried her in a field behind the house and the kids made crosses from dilly bar sticks. It was very sweet.
Hubby says they still have to go. I hope I can find homes in a week.
I will keep you posted. Thanks again.
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Such a sad but sweet story. I didn't say it before, but how horrific about mommy cat. Thank you for watching out for these little ones. Sending prayers for happy homes - quickly. So nice of you to keep us posted!
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Tilly - how bittersweet for you. You have to deal with the sorrow of momma's loss and the absolute joy for caring for the remaining kittens. How are they eating for you? I am currently fostering 7 from our local shelter. It is a great joy to help take over where momma left off. That formula however, is a thing to deal with!
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They are all going so fast. It was hard to see them leave. I really feel horrible for the one left. He walks around looking for his family, it just breaks my heart. He hasn't been back to their bed since the last one left. I haven't seen him eat eigther.
They were all eating fine, altho my girl was so tiny she was still on formula when she left Saturday. Trying to feed her was a mess since the others all wanted it too. I still have serious scratches. lol. But they were so cute sucking on the bottle. 2 were actually trying to eat the science diet hard food for my big girls. I was amazed.
That stuff is like gravel.
I am hoping noone calls about my last one, I think Hubby is smitten. This kitty actually watched T.V., he has so much personality. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
Sorry to ramble on. I will keep everyone posted. Tillie
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Tilly - one little nuzzle and hubby will be hooked for sure!
Let us now........
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I am surprisingly sad to see the last one go. I can't stop thinking about him. The woman was trashy and I felt funny letting him go with her, I yelled for her to wait and she drove off. I think I just wanted him too much. Oh well another batch will find their way here sooner or later. Thanks for all the support guys I look forward to becoming friends with all of you. Tillie.
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interviewed the lady, got a good idea about the type of home the kitty would be in, etc...there should be nothing to fear. If all else fails go w/ gut instinct is what I say. Maybe she'd just woken up, got off work, etc---best wishes hon.

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