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Dang it..Hello again!

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After my initial post got moved I went and deleted the other. I didn't realize it was just a link to the original. So anyway, me and my g/f have taken one kitten off the street and today I adopted another from the vet. Here's a pic:

This is the only time today I've seen them being nice. Abby has been brutalizing the new kitty. Abby is the torti and the other kitten well, she's unnamed as of the moment. Both are in good health and going back for second shots next week and then the following.
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Hi Jason!!
Welcome to The Cat Site it's a good place to be! Your kittens are both adorable! They do need some time to adjust and feel comfortable with each other and it looks like they've already started to make some progress!
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Hi Jason. The kitties are the cutest! Don't worry, those "good" moments will be more and more as time goes on. Welcome to the site!
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I think when kittens/cats play and fight and generaly have fun it shows that they feel safe and loved. So you and your girlfriend must love them alot and be great kitty parents. Thank you for sharing them.

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Welcome to the cat site!!! You kitties look adorable.
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Welcome to the site Jason! Both your kittens are very cute. Abby seems to be showing her torti-tude early. LOL If they are having even a few of those cute cuddly moments, they will be fine together. They are just testing your patience.
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AAAWWWW!! How precious! Welcome to TCS. We love it when people post pics, so don't be shy about it.
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Thanks for all the welcomes.
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OMG - your torti looks like mine when she was a baby! How sweet for you to another kitten in to your home!
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