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NEED HELP installing photoshop !

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Ok like I said in another thread about I got photoshop 5.0 well, I cant install it! It keeps telling me that I need VGA resolution or higher ? What is that ! Why wont it install...am I doing something wrong I dont know how I could be though, and not only did it do it on my labtop but it also said that for my home computer !!!
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How about if we move over to Tech Talk!
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Ok I figured out wat VGA was now I did it to install but now can I put it back to what it was because the setting they need is tooooo small for me too see my eye doctor says I dont need glasses but I do only have full vision in one eye (when I was three I had a cadarack in my right eye so I had surgery and tho it is improving vision wise I cant see that much from it so I have FULL vision for both eyes as the doctor says in my left eye) So see thats why that seetting is to small so can I change it back since I already installed it?
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It still won't work properly...

Umm...what size is your monitor? Maybe upgrade to a bigger one?
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The VGA that the installer refers to is your graphics card. I can't imagine a modern computer having insufficient RAM for Photoshop, but your card might not be suitable for displaying the graphics. It sounds that way since you have a small image coming on your screen.

You're also installing a VERY old version of Photoshop. If your computer is new (within the last two years) that version won't run properly. I had to remove Photoshop 6 when I upgraded to XP Pro...and Photoshop is already up to version 9.

I'd uninstall the program and get a more recent version.
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