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I've just had a horrible thought

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I have 3 cats (what’s horrible about that you ask?) well nothing but I am getting a Russian Blue kitten in around 5-6 weeks and I am now panicking about how they are going to accept each other. Harry is a 3-year-old ginger boy (No Nuts No Guts) he is a bit of a sook but has a few hissy fits with newies. I think he will be okay and end up mothering the kitten (fingers well and truly crossed) Hayley is also 3 years old (my strange one) she and Harry have been together since kitten hood but she still batts him around, and then there is Amy (extremely pregnant stray) which I want to keep as I have fallen in love with her and now that she has settled and been accepted (By Harry) I don't want to lose her. She is due any day so I will have kittens (yea!!!) until they are ready to go to good homes. I am starting to think that I will do great damage to the Russian by bringing her into this mad house. One good thing is that I am at home (long service leave woo hoo) so will be constant companion (who would want to leave the house with this much going on?) Will she be okay with other kittens (also any danger health wise?) and will she stress with Harry, Hayley and Amy? Thank god I don't have kids. Oh wait I do, my furbabies :tounge2:

Please Please Please (lot's of begging) help me.
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Good luck!
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*Laughing my head off*

Thanks a lot
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:laughing2 A little luck is bout all I'm qualified to offer.
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Thanks again LOL.

I must say though I don't feel much better. I shall be calling on you in times of crises so be warned :tounge2: When I am in tears and freaking out I'll be posting you
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If you are buying your Russian blue, then you can ask about health problems. Vaccination shots? De-wormed? You can also check out the physical lay of the home or cattery you are taking it from.

Otherwise, all the easy things apply -- put the newbie into a carrier case and put it into the center of the room where the other cats can get used to it. Supervise -- pet your established cats and tell them how much they will love the new cat (the tone of voice is what works -- reassuring and loving). Try to arrange times for the kitten to be free in the house with the other cats when you can supervise in case of real violence. Let the kitten sleep at night in the carry box where it is protected from sneak attacks of "king of the mountain" games. There will be new kittens soon, so introduce your newbie Russian to them as soon as the babies are old enough to play away from mom. In rare cases, you may find the timing so good that mom will decide to adopt and even nurse the newbie a bit. Depends on how old the newbie is....

Above all, patient and supervised mingling. Sometimes the mutual acceptance is almost immediate, and sometimes it takes longer. Around 40 to 50 cats have passed successfully through my garden and house, and I only bother with the carry cage period with one I bring directly into the house (which could excite territory arguments).

You will get the hang of the multicat household pretty quickly (which is probably where this thread might have found more response from the people most involved in this kind of effort...).

Good luck. Let people know what you finally hit upon and how long it took to be successful. Every cat is a different proposition...

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Thanks Catherine your advise is very good. I will let you know how it goes.
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Catherine - It was nice to hear from you again!
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