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What did Santa bring your kitty?

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I know we all ask each other what we want for Christmas, what about your babies?

Mine got balls and the little fuzzy pom-pom balls (that come in packs of 20) We have already 3 packs at home Sarah got another "scarf" it's a toy we modified and she loves to carry it around in her mouth. She growls when Max tries to play with it They love them. And of course, we spoil them year round too. After we pick them up from their vacation at the hotel, I know we'll have to go late Christmas shopping again .

On the humanside, what did you get for Christmas?

Our was kind of hard (well not really) but you know how you never know what you want. But anyway, I got some books by a new author that I just discovered and my DH got some dvds he wanted. Plus, we are both bad at buying stuff during the year... need stop it!

Happy Holidays Everyone!
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Santa brought Katie some Ocean fish Greenies and a cat nip mouse
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Mine got some new cat trees, but I gave it to them before Christmas. Now here it is Christmas morning and they are wanting to know what they are getting for Christmas.
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Mine got lots of yummy treats and some new toys. But they got ahold of the toys several weeks ago. So they arent really new now.
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A fresh turkey liver. Which he turned his nose up to.
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Dilbert got a catnip cigar and a fleece thingy on a stick which he loves, and a new comb which he isnt too thrilled about.

The humans got...Dilbert. We adopted him a few weeks ago and decided he would be both our christmas presents.
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they got a HUGE stocking full of toys, 2 tall things of pounce treats, and 2 mice. the dogs got candy cane rawhides, scooby snacks, and canine carryouts. and the kitties each got an new dish and so did the dogs. Nope not spoiled at all. oh yeah, the dogs each got a new tennis ball. they didn't get any toys this year because they don't really play with them anyways.
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Mine got a new water fountain, a scratch box ramp, some honeysuckle and catnip toys and a bag of treaties each as well as getting totally spoiled by my SS
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Crab for dinner last night, shrimp today, some catnip mice, and a big paper garden bag to play in. Plus some new Christmas tree ornaments (cloth/wood/straw) to steal from the tree and wreck.
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A huge pack of kitty toys! With everything from mice, little sattelite dish 3looking things, 3 different types of balls and lots of catnip! They were happy campers
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