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abondoned kittens

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My husband brought home 3 abandoned kittens from his factory. They were going to have animal control pick them up. They were cold and stiff. He warmed them up and then brought them home for me to try to hand raise. We've done it before with other kittens but it's been years ago and they were a bit older than these. I took them to the vet and he said they all look fine.
I have some questions...
1) How often should I feed them? I've read every 2-3 hours, every 4-6 hours, on demand...what is right? I've been doing it about ever 3 or so, but I have to wake them up to eat...is that normal? As soon as I pick one up it is ready though!

2)Most of the websites I've found reccomend a certain amount of food per oz. of body weight. These kitties act like they are starving if I cut them off after a few sips of the milk. (KMR) One site said to let them eat until satisfied. I weighed all 3 of them this morning and they all weigh just a tad over 4 oz. I've read they should weight that at a week old! Are they eating too much? They are very active and vocal at feeding time. Crawling all around and howling for food.

3)They poop only about once a day. I've read different things...the vet said 3 times a day, one site said 1 a day, some said after every feeding!!
I just want to make sure they are going enough.

4)I had to seperate them last night because all of a sudden they started suckling each others genitals...there are definitely 2 boys and I think the other is a female, but not sure yet. Will they eventually be able to be back together?

5)Right now they are in a cardboard box with a heat pad set on low underneath the box. They are seperated by cardboard sheets standing between them and each have a hand towel they sleep on. They don't snuggle down in the towel, but just lay there on there side or however they are comfortable. I keep the box covered with a blanket. I don't want to make them over warm...when I feel them they don't feel to hot, just warm....is this okay?

6)I am 30 weeks pregnant. I talked to the vet about toxoplasmosis. He said since I grew up on a farm handling the barn cats and bottle fed kittens before and been in contact with animals all my life that I should have been already exposed. To be safe though I wear gloves and wash really well after I make them poop.
Has anyone else taken care of kittens while pregnant??
I don't want to harm my baby and it does scare me...I don't want the kittens to die either...

I have really gotten attached already to these sweet babies. I rub them with a towel and cuddle with them after each feeding and they started purring today...it was adorable. I just want to make sure I'm doing what I can for them to make them have the best chance.
Thanks in advance for all who reply.
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Please see this website www.kitten-rescue.com also separate them if they are suckling each other. This can lead to major health issues and other problems.
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Thanks for the reply,
I have looked for the answers to my questions on that site...it helps a bit, but with some of the specifics I am still unsure....
I have seperated them, they are all in one box seperated by cardboard "walls".

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If you need additional help please feel free to PM me.
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Gloves should be fine for preventing toxoplasmosis... it is more common in adult cats, anyhow, because they get it from the prey they eat. Good luck with those kittens!!
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First of all, relax a little, I feed babies this size about every 3 hours, and let them nurse on the bottle until they are satisfied. If they are sleeping well, after a late night feeding, I let them sleep through the night (so I can too), of course if they fuss, they will need feeding. I find that when they are about three weeks old that if I add baby rice ceral, and a small amount of baby chicken to their formula they are satisfied for longer periods of time. By three weeks they should be introduced to the litter box, use a very low sided tray, or cut down a box and line it with foil before putting in litter. Kittens will use a litter box at this age if encouraged. I would get them back together as soon as possible, littermates will sleep, and interact even at this young age, if they were still with their mother, they would all be together. Mother nature did not intend for kitten babies to be seperated.
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I would get them back together as soon as possible, littermates will sleep, and interact even at this young age, if they were still with their mother, they would all be together. Mother nature did not intend for kitten babies to be seperated.
The issue is that the kittens are suckling on each other...if they had mom, they would focus on suckling on mom..but suckling on each other can lead to issues if they suckle in inappropriate places.


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I hope that the kittens are doing good. To answer your #3 question, the kittens should be stimulated to expell waste after each feeding. This is done with a wet warm cotton ball.
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Your little kittens seem to be doing fine from your description.
Concerning the Toxoplasmos I would go to the doctor and an take a simple blood test if I were you. Then you know and if you already have it you can take the gloves of and relax.

Good luck with the small ones.
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