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colorado people ...........

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So, who lives in Denver, or the surrounding areas of Denver, or even Colorado Springs? What can you tell me about these 2 places? Hubby is really serious about wanting to move out of the HOT dessert & into Colorado. The more & more, I think about it, the more I like the idea. I am ready for a change, too. Of course, this is not anything definite ......As, there is LOTS of preperation for moving out of state.
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Well, Colorado is absolutely beautiful. Metro Denver has all the amenities - arts, sciences, technologies and spectacular recreation facilities. It has grown enormously in the past 15 years. At the present time, it also has an unprecedented drought that is wreaking havoc. As of Sept. 1, residents may only water their lawns for 2 hours every 3 days. Normally an arid state, the climate here is dry. Kentucky Bluegrass, usually planted here, can't take these conditions and lawns are dying in record numbers. On October 1, there will be no outside watering at all (including car washing), except for hand watering of trees, shrubs and vegetables, using only a hose sprayer that has a shut off, so no water is wasted dragging the hose from tree to tree. Beginning on our next water bills, the various water departments activated a surcharge on water usage. The normal charge of $1.96 per thousand gallons will inclease to $2.71 per thousand gallons if usage exceeds 3,500 gallons a month. There are outlying towns in the state that have run completely out of water!

Others, preferring a more rustic and peaceful lifestyle, have moved to the mountains. Here, due to the drought, they must contend with forest fires. It's so dry in the mountains, fires have started from sparks kicked off of train wheels. But, we're survivors. We conserve like crazy. It's amazing how you can cut back on water if you really have to.

I'm not sure what the conditions are in Colorado Springs. Maybe someone else out there has more information on this area.

Aside from all this, it's paradise!
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Does Denver have big malls, too?
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Tigger...my brother lives in Littleton, a suburb of Denver, and I have always thought Colorado was one of the most beautiful states!!! I love going to visit him, though I rarely get to, I love the mountains, and there is so much to see and do there!!! If I could live anywhere else, it would be there!!!! When I was a little girl, they used to have a huge mall called Cinderella City...not sure if they still do, but I am sure they have lots of big malls!

Also, there is a great Mexican restaraunt that looks like a castle in Denver, called Casa Bonita. It even has a diver diving off a cliff into the water inside, and little shops, puppet shows, etc...and the food is really good.

I LOVE their museum!! I can't think what it is called, something like The museum of natural history or something...it is near the Denver zoo, and it is a place I could literally spend hours and hours in!!! They have scenes with stuffed animals that look real, and indians, etc...all behind glass in natural settings. It is breathtaking.

There are so many other beautiful places to see in Colorado....The Garden of the Gods, Seven Sisters waterfall (I think that's what it's called), The Royal Gorge, Rocky Mt. National park, The Cave of the Winds, just to name a few!!!! We have went to all of these and many more, and it is an experience I will never forget.

Now I am starting to miss Colorado. It has been about 6 years since we were last there.
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Malls are everywhere. Stores like Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, Dillards, along with exclusive boutiques as well as Target Super Stores (with the grocery attached to the store). The newest one in the section where I live, has a Starbucks & a Taco Bell right in the store. There are 46 check-out registers in that monstrous place.

Debby, Cinderella City is now a memory, but I do remember when it was new. You couldn't find a parking space anywhere. And yes, it was huge. I don't understand why it went downhill, it was so popular.

We also have two IMAX theaters, one in the museum and the other a United Artists Theater south of downtown.

There really is so much to do here. Tigger, you and your hubby might come up for a visit sometime. Check out the price of housing in different areas.
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We were thinking if we do move, we'd rent a house, and then have a brand new one build. Gee, we dont even have a big Target. Well, we do, but it's a Super Target minus the grocery store. Ya, we want to visit to see how it is, etc.
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Spacecat...have you ever eaten in Casa Bonita? I love that place. More for the atmosphere than the food I think, although the food is good too!! Their sopapillas (sp?) are delicious!!!!

Tigger...if you do go visit first, you have to take me with you! :laughing:
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Quick question while we are on the topic of moving: How do you transport the cats? There is no way in hell am I giving them up, and hubby wanted to know ......... We are thinking if all of this goes, his parents would help us, and they have a SUV (they live in Flagstaff), so we could use that and seperate the back off somehow so the bengals have the front, and fluffy & cinnamon have the other half. Do you sedate them while driving?
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Debby, yes I have eaten at Casa Bonita a number of times and you're right - the sopapillas are outstanding!

Tigger, you might start a new thread about moving with cats. I'm sure there are a lot of knowledgable people out there who have done it. Both my brother and sister have done it a number of times, from a lot farther away than Arizona. They had to make a lot of stops to feed and water, but the cats seemed to take it pretty well. I'd think they would just need to be kept cool and hydrated.
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The whole Denver area is a great place to live. Weather-wise, you won't want to go anywhere else. We are dry, but obviously so is AZ. We generally have it pretty mild all the way around. It has been an unusually hot summer here, with 56 days over 90, but I think we maybe hit 100 once. The winter isn't unbearably cold, and although we generally do get a good amount of snow it doesn't stick around very long. Even a good snow (6+ inches) is usually gone in a few days.

Shopping? Oh we hav TONS of shopping! The big places to shop are the 16th Street Mall and The Pavillions in downtown Denver, Park Meadows Mall in the southeast corner of the metro area, Cherry Creek Shopping Center which has the upscale stores like Neiman Marcus and Sacs 5th Avenue, Flatiron Crossing just opened between Denver and Boulder. There are also "neighborhood" malls that are close to where ever you are with all the normal mall stores.

One thing about this area, though, is that housing is expensive in many areas. There are still more people coming in than leaving, so the housing market is definitely more on the side of the seller/renter. However, the economy in general is more stable here than in many parts of the country. If you want to get an idea for housing and jobs, go to www.postnewsclassifieds.com for the areas classified ads for both major newspapers.
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I haven't chimed in on this thread until now because I live on the 'other side' of the state. It's much prettier here.

I just wanted to say that Heidi brings up a good point - the cost of living is higher in parts of Colorado than anyone would expect. When checking into houses, most people are shocked to see how much they are selling for! If I sold my house right now and moved to the town in Nebraska where I grew up, I could literally buy 2, maybe even 3 houses twice as big as the one I'm in for the same price! But I'd be surrounded by corn and cows instead of mountains. (Nothing against corn and cows!)

The weather IS mild in Colorado. The only place the snow actually sticks is up in the mountains. The roads usually stay pretty drivable, too. The CO Dept. of Transportation (CDOT) does a fairly good job of keeping them cleared.
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Heidi, I think that Cherry Creek shopping center was there when I was little, too...it sounds so familiar. One of those shopping places was right near a place that had horses you could ride, and horse trails.
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