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Tracking Santa

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Here's a great website for the kids (or adults):

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Our Newspaper interviewed Santa and he is very upset at Rudolph for helping NORAD by placing a heat tracker in his nose and ruining the surprise of what time Santa will be there
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That is just TOO cute- great animation....

Can't wait for Santa to make it to London just to see him go over the Houses of Parliament...

Anyone know how I can save these?
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Hurrah- Jonathan Ross just announced Santa going over London- on schedule for his trip across the atlantic
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I am thinking he's not stopping here tonight. I been a little naughty. so i think sticks and rocks are headed my way.
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I check in on that website every Christmas eve. Last time I checked Santa was spotted in Paris!
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That is so cool. I cant wait to see when he's headed this way.
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No Santa sightings in Chicago, but he's in St. Louis now, so I guess he's already been here! Good thing I'm laptopping it all snuggled in my bed!
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Yes, I check that site every year. He just left Seattle and is headed for Alaska. I guess he'll be headed for Hawaii after that. We are always last on his list.
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