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I wanna know the nicknames...

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Okay so Im silly. But I know yall are too....
So let me know your kitty cats nicknames!!

OK.. here are mine.....

Petals is Petal Wettles

Lilo is Lilo Pilo Fee Fi Fo Feelo

Garfield has a few.... My little man, Fuzzy butt, handsome wandsome

and last but not least....

Tinkerbell is Tink, Tinky Winky and Stinky Tinky

Gooooo on.... YOUR TURN!!!
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I'd tell you but their not kid friendly...
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I like Garfield's names!

Reilly is also known as fuzzy butt, monkey, silly, munchkin, baby, my boy and purr monster

Sydney is boo boo (and various variations of boo boo kitty etc), poopy kitty, ewok, blender kitty (because her markings and colouring is so mix matched) mini kitty, and little lady.

Aren't we silly
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KittenKiya is KiyaChan, Chan-Chan, Lover

ChanKahli is Diddo, Kahli-Kahla

Pete is Pee Pee Pete

Tammy-Timmy is OMG, Tam-Tam, pain, AAAAHHHHH, NNNOOOOO
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Simba=He has a few: Simby Zuly, Zimby, Buzzard, and sometimes Boo Boo

Shane=Sha Nah Nah Dah Boon Dah, Per Quay Quay

SunLee=HinceyTincess, Ms Lee Lee

Angel=Puss Puss Pa Diddy
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Oh well - here we go..............

Pepsi - Peps, Epileps-Peps, and Cola

Dino - Beans, Beany, Fats, Big Guy

Moofi - Miss Moofs, Doofs, Fifi Trixibell, Miss Fifs, Doof-a-Loof and when shes being naughty The Raptor

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mine is
Grey stoke= gracey , his last owner named him gracey lol so now has a grils name.
lilly = lils lils
patch= patchy watchy
tigerlilly= tigs
fluffy= flif fluff
bergkhamp = s***head lol his got a grumps lately
forest = gumpy , when she was little she had a club foot hence the name forest.
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Fergus- Ferg, Fergie, Ferg-I, Faraget, Loverrrrr

Ripley- The Ripple, Nipley (lol), Rip-rip, Pipley

Captain Steuben- Steub, Cap'n, Monkey, Cheeky Monkey, Cheeka Munka

Alright. That was thoroughly embarrassing!
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Fat Lady
Fat Stuff
Fats McGee
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Godiva is Mivers, or Diva. My husband started calling her Miver Claus/Claws. We also call her Miss Pokey Feet because she wakes us up with her 10 lbs on very small paws in the morning.

Bandit is Bandi or Bandita.

Tobie is Tophers, Tobie Lobes, or Tobit.

Sneakers is Snit.

My mom's cat Tabby is Tibby Tabbs. Abby is just Abby.
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I could go on for pages, but here are the more interesting ones:

Muddy and Koko (siblings): collectively known as the "Ninos", "Kitten-Ninos" or "Ninos East". Their siblings live out west and also share these names (except they are Ninos West). We travel to Mexico with our friends that have their brothers and we didn't know the name of kitten in Spanish when we got them so made up something silly. The rest of the household are "the gatos".

Sage and Dakota (siblings): collectively known as the "Igamu's" (Lakota Sioux for cat) or "Moos"

Pinky: "Brunkle". He is related to some of the cats, either a brother or uncle

Every cat in the household has at least 3 or more nicknames, some can't be repeated in public forums.
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Originally Posted by SalemWitchChild View Post
I'd tell you but their not kid friendly...
Same here!
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Peanut Butter Toasts nicknames are:
PB, kittenwitten, kiddy widdy, shugar kitten, kitten lickin and a few others i cant think of right now

Beavis are:

Beevee, and meanie or mean cat (ususally when he bits someone )
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As a pagan I am not allowed to tell you my 'familiars' nicknames as you may try to use my magik against me

'Katma Katma' is involved however
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Tiger Lily: Lily, Lilykins, Wick, Wicky, Sweetie, Tiger, Willie, Demon Kitty, Meowmys Protector, Man Hater, Crazy Girl, Lil Baby, Meowser, Mouser and Wicksy

Annie Rose: Annie, Rose, Rosie, Rosie Posie, Ann E. Miss Annie, Evil Fredrika, Freddy, Chucky, Yoda, Boots, Crazy Cat and Anna Banana Fontana!

Kitten: Miss Kitty, Kitty, Sugar Kitten, Weirdo, Oddball, Mooooooo Cow, Mooer, Cow Cow Kitty, Kit, Kit Kat and Miss Itty Bitty Kitty.

Nazumi Takoa: NAAZUUUUMMIIIII! Zumi, Zum Zum, Lion Cub, Cubby, Squish, Squishy Boy, Squisher, Big Boy, Bubba Boy, Big Baby Kitten, Zumer, Zum, ZuZu, Bad Boy, Mr. Rotten, Sir Rotten, Sir Rotteness, Rotten Baby Boy, Zumikoa, Nazukoa, Koazu, Nazumi Kazu and Kazu Kaboodle.
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Heres a few ..........

Easy - Easy Belle, EB, angel girl, Baby Boo, Mommas angel girl.

Ducky- Doo Doo, Doo Doo Butt, Ducky Doo, Ducky Boo.

Tino - Teen Bean, Bino, Bino Butt, Bean, Bean Butt, Tino Bino is a Meano.

Kiko- Kiko man, Kiki, Cry Baby, Baby Boy, Keeeeeeeeekoooooooooo

Laura- Larda, French Fry, Butterbean, Peany, Peany Poo, Pumpkin.
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Originally Posted by Big-Cat-Fan View Post
Okay so Im silly. But I know yall are too....
So let me know your kitty cats nicknames!!

OK.. here are mine.....

Petals is Petal Wettles

Lilo is Lilo Pilo Fee Fi Fo Feelo

Garfield has a few.... My little man, Fuzzy butt, handsome wandsome

and last but not least....

Tinkerbell is Tink, Tinky Winky and Stinky Tinky

Gooooo on.... YOUR TURN!!!

Ok, Kitters has a lot of nicknames!!! But this is not what I am her about right now.. It's been a real busy few weeks so I haven't been on reading threads a lot so I just have one question!! Who's Tinkerbell???? When did this happen?? Ok, as for my babys nicknames....

Fuzzy bear, Baby girl, Kitty, Buubee, Kitty poops, and others that elude me right now!! So now I will wait for your answer!!
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Pudge: Pudges, Pudgy Wudgy, Fat Girl (not fat though), Wudge, Wudgy, Wudgyroo, Permakitten, Insane Catdemon, Pudgyroo, Tiny Woman, Fartcloud (although she's not gassy), Stinkyroo, Big Girl, Spasticat, Catmop, Mopsy, Flying Carpet, Fuzzerduster, Complainy, Jingles (her tags jingle when she runs), Jinglycat, Purrmonkey (loves shoulder riding), Silly Girl, Poofy, Nubs of Doom (when she occasionally knocks things over), Nubs of Evil (just for fun), Fuzzbutt, Big Doofus, Tiny Bear, Wee Lass and about twenty more that I can't remember at the moment (and some that I can remember, which aren't family-friendly :P).

Typhus Surprise Attack: Typhie, Little Doofus, Tiny Girl, Miniature Catdemon, Squeaky (exclusively at mealtime), Cutie Pie. If surprise attack weren't part of her name, it'd be a nickname, as it fits her to a tee. Her favorite activity is waiting on the couch until one of the other cats walks by and dive-bombing their heads.

Fake edit: Someone take some of this time off of my hands. Looking at my list, I'm surprised that Pudge knows what to answer to. D:
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Aristotle's include - Sugar Doodle and Sugar Cookie

Topaz - Wide Load and Fuzzbutt
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Jack= Meestor Dak, Action Jackson, Jackolope

It's no Illusion= Itsy, Its-meister

Miss Spotty Paws= Spotty, Mz Paws

Titan = Squirrel Warrior

Kahekili= Big K, Keezer

Penny= Pen Pen

Arctic Cowboy= Rodeo, Road-man, Roady

Gypsy= Gypy, Gypster, Gyp Gyp

Sudden Impact= Impy, Pac-man

Blaze= Blazo, Blazeman, The blaze

Loki= Loki-Dokie, Lokenstein

Jewel= Duel

Spellbound= sweet thing, purrbox, ms thang

Maggie= Magpie, Magster
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Oh, boy. I hope you still respect me after this!

Wilbur is often called:

Wilbur McMew, Esquire
Weeble Wobble
Piggy Wig
(he was named after the piggy in "Charlotte's Web," after all!)
King Turd of Poop Mountain
What Can Bwown Do For You?
Baby Woo-Woo

My baby Milo has become:

Milo Buttman, Realtor (don't ask - I figured if Wilb's an attorney, Milo can sell homes! )
My, My No More Pie
Poo Tinky
Frosty Paws
Low Rider
(it looked like he had stubby front legs when I first got him, but he's since grown out!)
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Well, interesting. Not all the cat's have nick's but those that do...
Boots- H.P. (handsome prince)
JR-Fatbutt,Fat***, Fatty McFatFat
Isabella- Izzy Bizzy(she's my brother's, but is with me for the moment)
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Shadow- Biggins and Shadowcat
Everest- Fuzzybutt, Fuzzy Lumpkin and Squeaker (he's a very chatty squeaky kitty)
Charlotte- Char-Char
Midnight- Baby Girl, Precious

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Macavity: The Macca Man, Slobodan Macavityvitch, Chunky

Rowland: The Rollster

Known Collectively as the Boyz!
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Willie: Will Will, Will, Willie Beans, Willie beaners, Will Will, Will man, mamas baby (my nickname for him lol) and well i cant think of any more right now!

Midnight: bad a**, smoodge

Bella: Bella bella, Pretty girl, Mamas baby, Mama's pretty girl, belle, babies and a few more

Stormie: Storm, Stormie storms, mamas babie, stinky butt, S*** head, nutball, crazy, hmm and a few more

I call them all their nicknames all the time and yet when I fill this out I draw a blank typical me
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I'm so glad i'm not the only person who does this :P

Indie - ind, dundus(no idea why) sweet boy, indie bindie, cindy!,son, dindy

Minx - minky, minkymoo, canoe, kermoo,kermooie,moo moo, stinky minky, princess
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Let see...
Dianna is always Lady Dianna or Beautiful girl or Diva
Annie is Annie Doodles or Fat Cat or as the kids call her "Bi Polar Kitty"
Holly is either Miss Holly or Gentle Giant
Sissy is Sissy Do or Miss Adorable (or from DH "Brat")
Shadow was always Master Shadow or Lover Boy
of my fosters, Pumkin gets called ChowHound alot; Sam is Sam Wise; Soffie is sometimes called Puff; and Spook is "little black spot"
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This is cute.....I have a ton, it's a wonder they even know their "real" names.....

LuckyGirl, is actually officially named Lucky Boots, cause of her cute lil white boots, and Puss & Boots from Shrek. But we have called her a "luckygirl" so much that she knows that better....her nick-names are:
LuckyGirl, Lucky, Luck, LuckytheLoveBug, Pretty Girl, LoveyLucky, Princess, Daddy's girl, my baby, my greatest gift from God, momma's little diva, our good girl, and sometimes Piglet (you'd think she was starving!).

Now, with Louie, I get a little more creative....cause Louie sounds so good with so many last names! His "real" name is Louie D-Boy, that is the nick-name of a dear friend of DH's that passed away at 42yo from lung cancer and never smoked a day in his life....So, Louie's nick names are:
Louie, Lou, Louis, Lou-Lou Bug, Louis Delmonte (DH's friends full name, mostly used when he's sprints for the closet he's not allowed in), Mr. Boy, Mr. Man, Louie the LoveBug, my little dumpling, mommy's boy/baby, Pretty Boy, handsome man, the little devil, a holy terror, the rascal, the rug rat, the instigator, the trouble maker, problem child, our little handful, our bad boy, Louis Macabee, Louie McLouerson, Louie Tumblebutts, Mr. Loverman, Lover boy, and our greatest gift from God.

(and we also whisper to each of them that they are secretly our favorite!)
oh, and I want to note, these are all terms of endearment!
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