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Starting a new business - could use your help!

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I've just launched my new web design site at http://www.hogsmead.com.

I'm trying to make some money doing web design, as content sites like this one don't make any money these days...

So, if you're looking for a web designer, or know someone who may be in need of a professional and affordable website, please visit my site. Customers need only pay after they see the finished site and are satisfied with it.

I offer very low prices as I enjoy doing this and really need to get the business going. Anyone who is referred by you and mentions your forums' username will get an additional 10% discount.

Sorry about the blatant promotion - but I need your help there.
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Your URL is messed up, it should be http://www.hogsmead.com/ it wasn't your fault, just the forums Your sites look quite good, I would recomend you to people if it didn't lose me any buisness hehe.
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There's a slight problem with the URL at the moment. The site itself can be accessed from:


Are you a web designer Neil? What do you think about my price range?
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I am not a proper web designer, I do a lot of my own and I an doing one for a friends pub, so I do not really know much about pricing, but they look alright, search around the opposition to see what they charge.
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You will have to be careful with this:

You get to see the site online - before you pay!
People may look at the site, save it to their disk and do a runner, or may just not pay you and leave you with all of that hard work done for nothing. There has been a big discussion at this smartgroup I am with (WWWDesigneres @ http://www.smartgroups.com) about this.
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Anne; Are you familar with elance? This is a service for designers (graphic and web page, logos,etc.) who want to pick up free-lance work. My niece who is a graphic designer for Bankamerica by day has picked up some work thru this site that she does at home. The jobs are posted and open for x # of days while members bid on what they will do job for as well as supply their brief credentials or samples of past work. You have to join in order to bid or post jobs, but there are two categories of membership. Dorothy is in the lower catagory (I think it costs $25. a year ) but she has only been on for two months and she was awarded three jobs each of which paid in the $75. to $100. range for simple logo/letterhead designs. She told me about this and I have helped her with some of the artwork and layout she submitted. I know that the site is international because some of the jobs posted say they pay in Pounds Sterling. I think you access the site at http://www.elance.com
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Yeah, I know this can be a problem. I thought maybe I'll show them an image of the page so that they can see the design. Or maybe just one page of the site.

I think that people who are computer savvy can "steal" designs from any site. Those that don't know a lot about computers need help with the design as well as uploading the files etc.

TLC - thanks so much for the link - I'll definitely look into is today!
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Okay, the site is all up and running. Feel free to visit and tell me what you think!

TLc - I checked elancing and read their forums. Apparently they're changing their system these very days so the cost is way over 25$ and too much for me.
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