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need good vibes for my nephew

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Well its 3:43 and I am waiting for my brother to call me back he called a little after 2 to tell me and my mom that my nephew the youngest is on the way to the hospital...he was gasping for air He has had some problems and well he does have bronchitis and his wife has strep throat, so thank goodness they check on them because he was sleeping and gasping for air!! So my mom is thinking maybe and asthma attack but their doctors says he doesnt have asthma mind u my lil angel has always seemed to have problems with breathing he always gets bronchitis and so when he was real little we always had to use a breathing machine and they do have a humidifier in his room...so far though there is no update from my brother! My mom tho says when he was a baby he had problems too he had crop alot....I just wanna no whats wrong with my lil brat....he is so good tho he doesnt say many words yet even tho hes 2 HE LOVES CATs besides the usual names the first word I heard him say was kittie and thank goodness for this site because when they are here I will get on and show them every ones kitties and he looks at me and points and says kittie! soo cute....He cleans his mess up to he will bring his toys in from the sunporch and when he leaves he puts them back...such a good kid !!! I am waiting for an update and I will keep and update up here and I so hope everything is ok and its nothing major !!! What can be taking so long to hear an update tho !!! !!!! So hopefully they will find out whats wrong and give them another breathing machine...our doctor (we have the same) is convinced that my mom still has her gobladder said that he was doing better and they needed to give the machine back and that he doesnt have asthma..but how do you really no???? He has been doing really good until tonite I need update...please everybody send good vibes and prayers for him and our family on christmas eve!!! Thank you so much !!!
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Good vibes little boy.
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Lots of good healthy vibes coming your nephews way..........
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Healthy vibes for your nephew, my niece has gone through this several times, she is 9 now and it hasn't happened in over 2 years so hopefully if it is asthma he will outgrow it, it's so scary, Bless him!
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Sending MEGA vibes out for your Nephew and family
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Lots of good Get Well vibes coming his way
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Thanx everyone for the good vibes..they were here tonite but last night after 7 breathing treatments he was back to himself...the doctors determined that he has croop or crope(Sorry dont know how to spell it) So tonite he ate a little bit ecspecially my chicken but not that mch and all the kids opened their presents and LOVED them...they opened almost all of them my brother and his wife tho left each a present on their porch signed from santa and the kids were so excited about that they coiuldnt wait to tell us but bubba is still sick and u can tell and my brother deosnt look well either and he has already had back surgery at age 25! They think he may need another one and he really cant work and its driving him crazy and now he has the pressure back in his head they did some test last year and he got really sick from it cause they did it wrong and he still feels from it with pressure in his head so lets hope that all goes well and they both get better...my brother is like super mom/dad he is sooo worn out !! and doesnt look good either !!!!! But MERRY CHRISTMAS every one !
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Glad to hear he got over that last 'episode'...not quite sure what to call it. I hope things improve from here also.
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Poor Baby! Sendin good healing vibes to the little guy!
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Lots of healing vibes are on the way!
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